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Why Use Inline Fan and Carbon Filter?

Why you need to use Inline fan and carbon filter?

Could inline fan and carbon filter take your yield to the next level?

Most people know that your plants inside your grow room need light and nutrition to survive and flourish but have you put as much thought into your air circulation? Unfortunately, it’s easy to overlook your circulation when you get wrapped up in what type of lights to use and which fertilizer is the best for your plants.
However, your plants also need great circulation! An inline fan with premium carbon filters could be an effective and easy way to achieve great air circulation. In the following article, we’re going to take a closer look at inline fans, carbon filters, and the steps you need to take to calculate the required CFM.

  • 6 Reasons You Should Be Using Inline Fan with Carbon Filter!

    Choosing the right ventilation and filtration for your grow room can be tricky, but it’s one step that you can’t afford to overlook. Below are six reasons why inline fans and carbon filters make total sense in any serious grow operation:
    1.Temperature Control – Lights produce heat, and while a little bit of heat in your grow room is great, too much heat could be killing your plants. An inline fan and filtration system provide great temperature control in your grow room.
    2.Humidity Control – Too much humidity, and you get mold. Not enough humidity, and you get dry and dying plants. Inline fans can assist in balancing the humidity inside your grow room.
    3.Assist with Maintaining Optimal CO2 Numbers – CO2 can help your plant grow and increase yields during key stages of plant growth. A good circulation system helps you maintain optimal CO2 levels.
    4.Better Air Circulation – An inline fan system and carbon filters can help to keep good air flowing in and bad air flowing out.
    5.Improve Your Air Quality – Not all air is as fresh as you may think. Carbon filters assist in filtering out any contaminants before they make it to your plants.
    6.Eliminate or Reduce Odor – While the smell of growing plants can be nice sometimes, the last thing most people want is their home smelling like a grow operation. A little bit of discretion can go a long way, and inline fans with carbon filters can assist with reducing or eliminating odors.

  • 6 Easy Steps to Calculate the CFM In Your Grow Room

    Calculating your CFM shows you how much air your grow room holds and how much air you need for optimal plant growth. Calculating your cubic feet per minute (CFM) can be done in six easy steps:
    1.Grow Room Volume – This is the length x width x height of your grow room. This calculation gives you your base CFM.
    2.Ducting Curves – For every 90°, add another 20% to your CFM calculation.
    3.Air Flow Circulation – A high-quality inline fan should circulate all air in your grow room in about one minute, depending on the size of your grow room.
    4.Carbon Filters – Add 25% to your CFM for every carbon filter you install.
    5.Insulation – If you have great insulation, you don’t need to factor this into your CFM.
    6.Heat and Light – For every 1000W of light power, add 10% to your CFM.

Spider Farmer inline fan

  • Automating Your Airflow System Is Easy!

    At Spider Farmer, we take the hard work out of circulation. Instead, our range of intelligent inline fans can be fitted with intelligent controllers that make your air circulation system 100% automated. They’ll monitor your temperature and humidity and switch themselves on and off to meet your ideal humidity and temperature settings.
    This allows you to ‘set and forget’ your air circulation system. No more turning fans on and off manually. Instead, simply set up your ideal growing parameters and let the fans do the work for you. It’s also important to change your carbon filters regularly to ensure that the air going into your grow room is pure and clean and the odor coming out is drastically reduced.

  • Why You Need to Use Inline Fan and Carbon Filter – Conclusion

    Hopefully, now you have a much clearer idea about the importance of inline fans and how you can implement inline fans and carbon filters in your grow. While they won’t be suitable for all growers, inline fans and carbon filters could be an effective way to take your grow room to the next level.
    If you take your growing seriously, then you want to work with a company that takes LED grow lights seriously. Spider Farmer delivers premium LED grow lights and grow accessories such as inline fans and carbon filters at affordable prices that you and your plants can rely on.
    Do you have any additional questions about inline fans or carbon or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our friendly and professional team will be more than happy to help.

23 thoughts on “Why Use Inline Fan and Carbon Filter?

  1. Meagan says:

    Interesting facts. Had no idea!

  2. Crystal says:

    Can’t wait to upgrade to an actual inline fan from multiple fans and venting by opening my tent but hey we all start somewhere right! Lol converting from open rooms to tents is the most interesting and fun process but it’s been step by step investments. If I could go back this would have been the initial knowing what I know now

    1. Rob says:

      I just purchased a full 3×3 kit with fan and SE3000 a few months ago. I have tried without all this stuff years ago and there is no comparison. I was fortunate to be able to get the whole setup at once. It was hard to put out the initial investment but It’s been worth it. Just work on adding what you can when you can. Even purchasing the full kit, I was still shocked at all the little extra things I’ve needed/wanted along the way that I never really considered. You always want more. Now that I am setup pretty good I’m still always wanting to add something else to make the process more turnkey/automated to save time and energy. Even small chores like watering are more work than you think they are.

  3. Christopher says:

    Happy Easter love Boobaru22

  4. Jose Martinez says:

    I would like to try a tent!

  5. Chris Lee says:

    I would only use a carbon filter if I lived in a Urban area.

  6. Matt says:

    They work great once the temps go up!

  7. Jordan Helton says:

    Sweet fan!

  8. tjverified says:

    Spider Farms SF1000 light does wonders and I really thought inline fans and carbon filters were just extras till now

  9. tjverified says:

    Spider Farmer Lights are awesome hoping the tent will be just as good!

  10. dougbream says:

    This is an absolute must for any tent!! The digital controller will change your life and leave you wondering why you didn’t buy it sooner!!

  11. James Haney says:

    Once I added inline fan, my temps and humidity were easy to control.

  12. stang1238 says:

    now i want one, very cool

  13. stang1238 says:

    now i want one, very nice

  14. Brett says:

    Very good read.
    Happy easter everyone
    Every peoduxt used from spiderfarner as been great.

  15. Jonny says:

    Happy Easter Spider Farmily!

  16. Michael Ullrich says:

    I have the temp/humidity inline fan with a carbon filter as my exhaust, and a speed controlled inline fan with carbon filter to push clean air in.
    Unzipping the tent makes it obvious the carbon filters do a great job removing odours.
    I would be happy with using just speed controlled fans as I find I get the environmental options I’m after using just the speed settings.
    Either fan is an improvement over a “dumb” fan.
    I’m hoping my growing prowess is up to making the best use of the SF setup I have, a
    2×4 tent with the sf 2000.
    Happy growing all.

  17. Jereld says:

    Very good read on the inline fans thank you for the knowledge.

  18. Jason Northedge says:

    Can the grow tent be placed in a small closet? With inlune fan.

    1. celia says:

      Of course, the grow tent can be placed in the closet

    2. dougbream says:

      Absolutely!! Designed for stealth or to show off, depending on your style! Happy Growing!!

  19. Kenneth W Hasty says:

    Best light for a 2by4 tent for personal enjoyment

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