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Top 5 Small Grow Tent Picks in 2023 [Pros & Cons]   

best 5 small grow tent

Best Small Grow Tent for Indoor Growing [2023 Updated]             

Grow tents are portable and self-contained indoor gardening systems that allow you to create a controlled environment for indoor growing plants, herbs, and vegetables. These tents come in various sizes and designs to provide a customized and efficient space for your plants to grow, particularly suitable for those who don’t have a garden or outdoor space, or those who want to grow plants all year round regardless of the weather conditions. In this article, we will explore the world of small grow tents by introducing the best 5 small grow tent kit for indoor gardening. 

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Top 5 Small Grow Tents to Buy in 2023 

Vivosun S223 24"x24"x36"Grow Tent

Vivosun S223 24 x24 x36 Grow Tent

Basic specs

  • Dimensions: 24"x24"x36"
  • Material & Density: 600D oxford fabric exterior, reflective Mylar interior lining
  • Frame: 16-millimeter steel with rust-resistant coating
  • Doors: 1 front access door, 2 side access doors
  • Observation window: 1 small window 
  • Weight capacity: Supports up to 100 pounds
  • Price on Amazon when we publish: $79.99
  • Warranty: 1-year 

The Vivosun S223 2x2 Grow Tent lineup is a high-quality indoor gardening system designed to provide an optimal growing environment for plants. The smallest one, which is measured 24"x24"x36", is our top recommendation when it comes to the small grow tent. Why? Check the following highlights of this best small indoor grow tent kit. 


  • This small indoor grow tent kit is made of durable, tear-proof material with a reflective Mylar lining that maximizes light distribution and minimizes hot spots. 
  • Vivosun S223 24"x24"x36"Grow Tent features multiple vents for proper air circulation and temperature control, as well as convenient access points for easy maintenance and inspection. 
  • Vivosun employs a sturdy and rust-resistant metal frame that is not easy to get broken.
  • The Vivosun small grow tent kit comes with a one-year warranty and excellent customer service for added peace of mind. 


  • Although Vivosun offers hands-on instruction you can follow, it can be difficult to understand for starters. 
  • Due to the height limitations, the Vivosun S223 2x2 Grow Tent may not be suitable for taller plants that require more vertical space to grow. 
  • Zippers of this small grow tent can sometimes break or get stuck over time, making it difficult to access the tent and maintain proper growing conditions.
  • Some users have reported light leaks around the zippers and seams. This can interfere with the plant growth cycle and may require additional efforts to block out light leaks.

Spider Farmer 2x2 Indoor Grow Tent

Spider Farmer 2x2 grow tent

Basic specs:

  • Dimensions: 2' x 2' x 5'  (70cm x 70cm x 160cm)
  • Material: Heavy-duty 1680D oxford cloth exterior
  • Frame: Sturdy metal frame with connectors for stability
  • Doors: 1 large front access door with a secure zipper for easy entry and access
  • Observation window: a 30cm x 30 cm window is provided
  • Weight Capacity: Support up to 140 lbs
  • Price on Amazon when we publish: $99.99
  • Warranty: up to 5-year warranty

If you are looking for the best 2x2 grow tent kit, Spider Farmer 2x2 Indoor Grow Tent is an ideal option for novice growers or individuals working with limited space. Perfectly suited for cultivating up to 4 small plants or 2 medium-sized plants, this best small grow tent supports plant growth from the vegetative stage all the way to flowering with an easy assembly. 


  • By featuring a high-quality reflective Mylar lining, the interior of the Spider Farmer 2x2 grow tent maximizes light distribution, promoting required light evenly for each plant. 
  • The lightproof design prevents light leakage, making it possible for precise control over the light cycle and minimizing any potential disruptions.
  • This small grow tent kit comes with a removable floor tray that is easy to clean spills and debris. 
  • With multiple vents for ventilation and cable access, you can easily install inline fans, filters, and other equipment to maintain optimal air circulation within the tent. 


  • Light leaks can be found near the zipper snitches or the vent flaps. 
  • The zipper can sometimes get caught in something, and violent unjamming can possibly destroy the zipper coils. 
  • The frame may rub against the tent and therefore make the sound of noise. 

Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 2' x 2.5' x 5'7"

Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 2' x 2.5' x 5'7

Basic specs

  • Dimensions: 2' x 2.5' x 5'7" (24" x 30" x 67")
  • Material: 210D "Easy On" oxford cloth exterior, reflective Mylar interior lining
  • Frame: Interlocking metal poles with tool-free connectors
  • Doors: 1 front access door, 2 side access doors with privacy flaps
  • Observation window: 1 large window with a sealable cover
  • Weight capacity: Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Price on Amazon when we publish: $139.95
  • Warranty: 1-year 

This tent is manufactured by Gorilla Grow Tent, a leading brand in the industry known for its innovative and premium quality products. With a size of 2' x 2.5' x 5'7", this grow tent is compact yet spacious enough to accommodate a variety of plants, making it an ideal choice for growers with limited space. 


  • This small grow tent kit is perfect for taller plants and features height-adjustable poles for added convenience. Feel free to modify the height for an ideal level for certain species. 
  • Gorilla Grow Tent is made of durable 210D fabric, a type of heavy-duty polyester material that is known for its strength and durability. Plus, the reflective interior lining is used to bounce light back onto the plants, helping to promote healthy growth.
  • All the ports for electrical devices and ventilation are designed with double cinching to provide added protection, preventing any external interference from affecting your plants. 


  • You can tell by the price that this weed grow tent small is more expensive than other small grow tents.
  • The biggest complaint about Gorilla Grow Tent is the zipper. The plastic zippers can easily break into parts and the teeth are barely secured on the tent. Additionally, when you zipper it up, the main zipper may just fall off. 
  • Light leak can be found at nearly every stitch point where the velcro is attached. What’s worse, it is difficult to completely seal out the light at the bottom of the door where the three zippers meet.

TopoGrow 16"x 16" x 48" Indoor Grow Tent

TopoGrow 16 x 16 x 48 Indoor Grow Tent

Basic specs: 

  • Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 48" (40cm x 40cm x 120cm)
  • Material: 600D oxford cloth exterior
  • Frame: Both plastic & metal
  • Reflective Interior: Made with 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar
  • Doors: 1 large front access door with a dual-cursor zipper
  • Observation Window: 1 large window with a sealable cover
  • Weight Capacity: Not specified (may vary)
  • Price on Amazon when we publish: $72.31
  • Warranty: Not specified 

When you have really limited space, the TopoGrow 16" x 16" Indoor Grow Tent comes of great help by offering a compact size. By making use of the vertical space and stretching the height to 48 inches, this small indoor grow tent can fit seamlessly in closets, alcoves, or any small storage area. 


  • The tent's 48-inch height takes advantage of vertical space, allowing for the cultivation of taller plants and maximizing the available growing area.
  • The TopoGrow grow tent boasts a robust structure with metal bars and thick, durable plastic corners. This design ensures the frame remains stable and eliminates any shaking that can occur with an all-metal frame. 
  • The large front access door with a dual-cursor zipper allows for convenient entry and access to plants, facilitating maintenance and observation.


  • Limited Space: While the compact size can be a benefit for those with space constraints, it may also restrict the number of plants that can be grown simultaneously.
  • Restricted Growing Height: The 48-inch height limit may be insufficient for taller plants or certain plant varieties that require more vertical space for optimal growth.
  • The zipper is found not working sometimes and you may encounter components missing when receiving the small grow tent. 

iPower 24"x 24"x 36" Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent

iPower 24 x 24 x 36 Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent

Basic specs:

  • Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 36" (61cm x 61cm x 91cm)
  • Material: Heavy-duty 600D oxford cloth exterior
  • Frame: Sturdy metal frame with connectors for stability
  • Doors: 1 large front access door
  • Observation Window: 1 window 
  • Weight Capacity: Not specified (may vary)
  • Price on Amazon when we publish: $59.99
  • Warranty: 1-year

This small grow tent is ideal for growing a variety of plants and is constructed with heavy-duty zippers, double stitching, and tear-proof reflective Mylar lining. It also features an observation window and multiple vents for optimal ventilation. 


  • The iPower Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent boasts a 99% lightproof design, which helps prevent external light from entering the tent and ensures the plants benefit from the right growth light spectrum
  • This small grow tent kit is designed to be easily portable with lightweight construction. You are granted the full ability to disassemble and pack it compactly.
  • As the name indicates, this small grow tent is specifically designed to cater to hydroponic growing systems and provides an optimal environment by accommodating the necessary equipment such as LED grow lights, ventilation systems, and hydroponic systems.

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  • The quality control of this small grow tent is unstable. Certain customers have received tents covered in mold.
  • Similar to other small grow tent kits, the iPower Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent is also criticized for major light leaks near the zipper and snitching areas. 
  • Considering the affordable price, you get what it’s worth. Some users may be disappointed if they have high expectations. 

What to Look for When Buying A Small Grow Tent 

What’s the best small grow tent to buy? The answer is a combination of your situation and the following factors. 


As you can see from above, the size of small grow tents varies. You should consider both the floor area and the height of the tent to accommodate your plants' growth potential.

Material Quality

Look for a tent made of durable and high-quality materials. The fabric should be thick and tear-resistant, such as 600D oxford cloth, for longevity and lightproof. The frame should be sturdy and able to support the weight of any additional equipment. 

Zipper Quality

When it comes to the material of the zipper, it’s better made of metal rather than plastic.  A high-quality zipper is more durable and less prone to breaking, snagging, or getting stuck. It is more likely to withstand frequent use and provide reliable performance throughout the lifespan of the tent.


Consider the ventilation options provided by the tent. Look for vents, ducting ports, and cable access points to allow for proper air circulation and the installation of ventilation systems and other equipment necessary to maintain the ideal growing conditions.


Set a budget and compare prices while considering the overall quality and features offered by different brands and models. Balance your budget with the quality and features. It’s suggested to purchase a cost-effective one instead of the cheapest one. 


This post covers the best 5 small grow tents for your indoor gardening, including products from the Vivosun S223, Spider Farmer 2x2 Grow Tent, Gorilla Grow Tent Lite, TopoGrow Indoor Grow Tent, and iPower Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent. While each small grow tent delivers unique features for successful indoor growing, they also have drawbacks that you should care about. Kindly consider all essential factors when buying a small grow tent kit. 

FAQs about Small Grow Tent

  • What size of the grow tent do I need for 1 plant?

For growing a single plant, a common recommendation is to use a 2'x2' or 3'x3' tent. These sizes provide enough space to accommodate one plant along with the necessary equipment such as LED grow lights, fans, and ventilation systems.

  • Do I need a grow tent for 1 plant?

While it is not mandatory to use a grow tent for growing a single plant, using a grow tent offers several advantages that can significantly benefit your plant's growth and overall cultivation process. The advantages include precise light control, grow room temperature and humidity control, pest and contamination prevention, etc. 

  • What size of a grow tent do I need for 4 plants?

Generally speaking, a 4'x4' or 5'x5' grow tent is commonly recommended for growing four plants because it provides ample space for four plants to grow and spread their branches comfortably. 

  • Do you need ventilation in a small grow tent?

Yes, ventilation is crucial in a small grow tent. It helps regulate temperature, control humidity, provide fresh air exchange, and prevent pests and diseases. Proper airflow is essential for maintaining a healthy growing environment and ensuring optimal plant growth and productivity.


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