Spider Farmer offers wide range of vegetable grow lights for vegetables and indoor plants. Guaranteed high yield from our premium quality high spectrum grow lights.

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2023 Newest Version Spider Farmer® SF600 74W Vegetable Grow Lights

HIGH LIGHT OUTPUT: The Spider Farmer SF600 vegetable grow lights use 384 Osram diodes to provide 5,000 lumens of output.

Spider Farmer® SF300 33W Vegetable Grow Light

HIGH LIGHT EMISSION: The Spider Farmer SF300 vegetable grow light uses 192 Osram diodes to provide 74.92umol/S of output. It

Spider Farmer® Smart G12 Indoor Hydroponic Grow System

DIMMABLE & 24W LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION: The smart G12 hydroponic grow system with dimming is ideal for lighting plants at