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Choose The Best Indoor Grow Tent Kit – Beginner’s Guide


Full Guide to the Best Indoor Grow Tent Kit for Beginners

If you are used to indoor gardens, you may have realized how important and convenient it is to have an indoor grow tent kit. However, with numerous options available in the market, it can be overwhelming for beginners to make an informed decision. If this is your situation, we have prepared this guide to introduce you to the world of grow tent kits for beginners.

How does a grow tent complete kit benefit your cannabis growing? More importantly, how to choose the best indoor grow tent kit as a beginner? Read on to find answers to these questions and everything you’re curious about grow tent kits for beginners


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Why Should You Choose an Indoor Grow Tent Kit

As a cannabis grower, you don’t want to end up with crops struggling to get adequate lighting or fluent aeration at any growth stage. Instead, you want to sequester aromas, promote your plant health, and increased yields. Luckily, an indoor grow tent kit is there to aid you with all. 

Let’s look at some of the major benefits of cultivating your plants with a grow tent complete kit.

Controlled & Improved Growing Environment and Plant Growth Efficiency

Although extreme growing environments won’t kill your plants, they’ll limit plant growth for sure. Fortunately, growing your plants using grow tent kits grants you absolute control over the growing conditions. They are complete systems that include a host of accessories to enhance the growth environment, such as grow lights, watering systems, ventilation systems, etc. 

With these systems, you can adjust the ideal temperature, humidity, light intensity, and even the photoperiod to match the specific requirements of your plants during different plant growth stages. No need to worry about the external climate out there, you are free to create an overall ideal growing condition as you wish. 

Sufficient Lighting

When it comes to indoor grow tent kits, the lighting system plays a crucial role in the success of your indoor gardening endeavors. You can enjoy the following features of a good lighting system from a complete grow tent kit. 

  • Optimal Light Spectrum: The HID or LED grow lights that indoor grow tent kits come equipped with can provide the optimal light spectrum for plant growth, be it red, blue, or UV light. By emitting the right wavelengths of light that plants need for photosynthesis, your plants are more likely to grow healthy and vigorous. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Modern indoor grow tent kits incorporate energy-efficient lighting systems. LED lights, in particular, are renowned for their energy-saving capabilities. 
  • Adjustable Light Intensity: Another advantage of a grow tent complete kit is the ability to adjust the light intensity according to your plants' needs. Say, Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light comes with a dimmer knob that allows you to increase or decrease the light output as required.
SF1000D led grow light

Spider Farmer SF1000 full-spectrum LED grow light

  • Uniform Light Distribution: Grow tents typically have reflective interiors made of materials like Mylar. These reflective surfaces help distribute light more evenly throughout the tent, ensuring that every plant receives an adequate amount of light. 

Precise Temperature & Humidity Control

The most ideal temp and humidity level varies from plant to growth stage, therefore, it’s necessary to manage precise control over these factors for optimal growth.  The best grow tent manufacturers such as Spider Farmer fully meet your demand as you can adjust the ideal grow room temperature and humidity with an efficient combination of LED grow lights, thermometer, and hygrometer to help you effectively monitor and control the temp and humidity.

grow room ideal temp and humidity level

Better ventilation

A good plant-growing environment requires a sound ventilation system, and using a complete grow tent kit makes this easier to achieve. Cultivars often adopt air conditioners, grow tent humidifiers, exhaust fans, and circulation fans to create proper ventilation and a constant supply of fresh air.

For example, Spider Farmer grow tent kit is equipped with powerful, quiet inline fans that are easy to install and use. You are guaranteed a strong airflow and adequate air circulation in your growing environment.


Spider Farmer 2x2 Complete Grow Tent Kits

Odor-proof and insect-proof

Worried about how long does the smell of weed last in a room? External odors resulting from the negative air pressure of the sealed space cannot make their way into the home, provided the grow tent’s inbuilt carbon filter is in place. The mesh-covered intake holes in these grow tent kits also prevent bugs.

Additionally, a complete grow tent kit can result in increased yields compared to traditional outdoor gardening and offer privacy and security for your plants. 

How Do I Choose the Right Indoor Grow Tent Kit?

When searching for cheap complete grow tent kits online, you’ll be surprised at how many are on sale. These grow tents come in all manufacturers, qualities, and sizes, and while this can be a great advantage, it also makes it tricky to choose the best out of the many. To make the decision easier, here are the factors to consider when choosing the best grow tent kits for beginners:

Specifications – Size, Material, and Frame

The first step when shopping for a grow tent kit is to know the specifications. To do this, you must correctly ascertain the size of your space - big or small grow tent, what supplements you want to have in your space, and the growing method you wish to adopt - soil vs hydroponics

Indoor grow tent kits come in different fabrics. Polyester or nylon cover has proven to be the best material for indoor plant cultivation, with its strength, durability, and easy maintenance. You can estimate the thickness of the material by checking the D rating of the tent. The higher, the thicker. Meanwhile, the strongest grow tent kits must have a sturdy frame that supports both the crops and the equipment inside. 

Grow Light Type 

Theoretically, you can decorate the grow room with various grow lights, say, HPS grow lights, fluorescent lights, or LED grow lights. However, it’s suggested to use LED grow lights as the top priority thanks to the many advantages they share. And what determines how good a LED grow light is includes the diode, PPFD map, and spectrum.

  • High-quality chips such as Samsung diodes will deliver maximum quality, efficiency, and light output. Unlike second-class chips, these high-quality LED chips found in the best LED grow lights create the required light wavelengths for optimal crop performance. Epistar, Bridgelux, Osram, and Samsung are all good LED chip providers.
  • You should also consider the uniformity of the PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density). By checking the PPFD map, you can detect if a LED grow light has an uneven or even PPFD. The optimal PPFD for the seedling stage is 100-300 μmol/m2/s, 400-600 μmol/m2/s for the vegetative stage, and 800-1000 μmol/m2/s for the flowering stage.
  • The growth light spectrum is another crucial factor as what’s explained above. It’s best to go for full-spectrum LEDs that can offer both ultra-violet wavelengths of 100-400nm and far-red wavelengths of 780-850nm. 

Inline Fans

If you wonder why inline fans are so important, having inline fans in place means there will be regular air exchange that contributes to a working ventilation system. Otherwise, internal temperatures will rise due to the heat generated by the lights and affect your plant’s health. You also need adequate airflow to keep pathogens and weed smell out of your growing environment – the needs that inline fans effectively meet. 

Spider Farmer Inline Fan

Spider Farmer Inline Fans


Grow tent kits for beginners with complete accessories can improve your plant output and enhance the overall growing experience. For instance, having trellis plant netting, a plant heat mat, a hygrometer, and a thermometer makes setting up an optimal growing environment for your plants easier.

Complete Indoor Grow Tent Kits for Beginners 

You can only get the best out of your grow tent kits if you buy high-quality products, though choosing the best from a long list of options can be a tough job. At Spider Farmer, we are known for our rich and professional grow tent kits collection. And, regardless of your budget, we always have something for you. Below are the top recommendations for beginners.


FAQs about Indoor Grow Tent Kit

  • Are indoor grow tents worth it?

Yes, indoor grow tents are totally worth it because they provide a controlled environment for plants, allowing you to grow a wide variety of plants all year-round, maximize yields, and have better control over factors like temperature, humidity, and lighting.

  • How do you make an indoor grow tent?

To DIY an indoor grow tent, you need to purchase a grow tent kit that includes the tent structure, reflective material, ventilation system, and lighting system. Follow the kit's instructions for assembly, which typically involves setting up the frame, attaching the fabric, installing the ventilation components, and mounting the grow lights.

  • What is the best size indoor grow tent?

The best size of an indoor grow tent depends on the available space and the number of plants you plan to grow. However, a popular and versatile size for many indoor growers is a 4x4 grow tent. It provides ample space to accommodate several plants while still being manageable in terms of maintenance and light coverage.

  • How much can a 4 by 4 grow tent yield?

On average, a 4x4 grow tent can yield between 1 to 2 pounds (0.45 to 0.9 kilograms) of dried cannabis flowers. However, with optimal growing conditions and techniques, some experienced growers have reported yields of over 2 pounds (0.9 kilograms) from a 4x4 grow tent.


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6 thoughts on “Choose The Best Indoor Grow Tent Kit – Beginner’s Guide

  1. I didn’t see your specials on a complete 3×3 grow kits

    1. hello, you can purchase the SE3000 + 3X3 grow tent + 4 inch filter kits

  2. J rozine says:

    I’m also a newbie looking to grow 3-4 plants and I’m looking to buy a grow tent package. Do you have phone number I can call. I’d rather talk to a human so I make sure I’m getting what I want. I’m not real good with PC’s or internet lol.

    1. hi, you can call or text +1 (840) 977-6768‬.

  3. Lyle says:

    Hi! I live in Virginia and we are allowed to grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household now and I am new to the process. I would like to know what size tent and light system I should be using to start my crop of 4 plants. Would you be able to assist? I watched the You Tube video from Albo Pepper talking about your grow lights which I understand are superior to other brands and would like some advice on what size tent, lights, filter, etc. I should start out with that will not make me discouraged.

    1. Spider Farmer LED says:

      Hi Lyle, for 4 plants I suggest you to use SE3000+ 3X3 grow tent+ 4 inch fan combo with temperature and humidity controller, or you can buy SF2000 complete grow tent kit, it contains a lot of things that beginners need, if you still have any questions, please let me know I know

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