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UV and Infrared Light for Growing

Everything you need to know about UV and infrared growing lights!

When it comes to the lighting, you choose to use in your grow room. You have a lot of choices. But, of course, what you choose will also depend on various factors, including what type of plants you are growing, where you are growing them, how many plants you are growing, the size of the grow room and your budget.
In the following article, we’ll take a closer look at infrared lighting, how it works, and some of the pros and cons of using it. We’ll also look at UV lighting and its pros and cons, comparing the two different types of lighting.

  • What Is UV Light and What Are the Pros and Cons?

Ultraviolet light (UV) is a type of electromagnetic radiation which is gathered from natural sunlight. There are three different categories of UV light, UVA, UVB, and UVC. UV light helps plants to grow, but which of the different types of UV is most important?

Firstly, forget about UVC. UVC is filtered by the ozone layer surrounding the earth, so it has zero effect on plants or how they grow. The two UVs that we need to focus on are UVA and UVB.

UVA – UVA contains approximately 3% of the photons which you would normally find in natural sunlight. So, it doesn’t have any negative or harmful effects on people.
UVB – UVB contains about one-fifth of 1% of the photons which you would normally find in natural sunlight. However, UVB can damage DNA and have cancerous effects on both humans and animals. Because of the ozone layer, we don’t need to worry about UVB because it doesn’t reach the earth in significant amounts to do any damage.

Some studies have shown us that both UVA and UVB can help to boost the production of flavonoids and terpenes in plants. This was closely studied using tomatoes. The tomatoes grown without UV looked similar in size and color but lacked the flavor of those grown with UV.

Other studies into UV light have shown an increase in terpenes, resins, and oils in plants that are grown using UV. You could also help to boost your plant’s resistance to disease and stress when you use UV light.
If you use the correct UV lights for plants, your plants should never have any issues. However, plants don’t require a lot of UV, so don’t overdo it, and remember to protect your skin if you spend a lot of time around your UV lights.
Luckily, many high-quality grow lights incorporate UV into them. So, before you rush out and buy the cheapest light on the market, take some time to do some research into the lights you plan on buying. Spider Farmer has a wide range of premium LED grow lights available.

Infrared is an important part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but it is technically outside of the light range, which is visible to the human eye without any mechanical aids. On the far end of the light spectrum, you have infrared light. Infrared lighting can’t be seen but can be felt as heat.

Both blue and red light is important for plant growth. However, research suggests that infrared light combined with blue light and red light can boost the rate of photosynthesis. This effect is known as the Emerson effect.

There are two different chemical procedures that both contribute to plant growth. These procedures are known as PS1 and PS2. Plants exposed to blue and red light along with infrared light showed an increase in photosynthesis, but when these light wavelengths are absent, growth can be stalled.

Infrared can be effective at promoting more robust stem growth and node spacing which leads to more flowers. However, a large percentage of infrared light is felt as heat which can cause your plants to stretch, become distorted, and even kill your plants. Therefore, finding the right balance of infrared light is vital.

  • Should You Use UV and Infrared Lights In Your Grow Room?

Absolutely you should! Some factors that you’ll need to consider when using UV lights:

1. Your plant's specific light needs.
2.Height and space limitations in your grow room.
3.Safety precautions regarding your exposure to UV light.
4.Your budget requirements and how much you have to spend, especially with any new grow rooms.

Some factors that you’ll need to consider when using infrared lights:

1.Your plants need regarding excessive heat, which can be an issue with IR lights.
2.Your plants shape because IR light can cause plants to stretch and grow more than other light.
3.Safety precautions regarding your exposure to IR light because of the heat generated in potentially confined spaces.
4.Your budget. While IR light is beneficial, it isn’t 100% necessary and could stretch your budget beyond your means.

  • UV and Infrared Light for Growing – Conclusion

Now you should have a much clearer idea about how UV and infrared lights work and also the differences between them too. As with any growing operation, you have a lot of choices about what sort of lights you choose.

There are a variety of different factors which will influence these choices, such as what you’re growing, where you are growing it, and your budget. Hopefully, now you’ll have a much better idea about what choice to make when you purchase your grow lights.

If you have been searching for premium LED grow lights, and you take your growing seriously or need any other high-quality growing accessories, then Spider Farmer has just what you need. Do you have any additional questions about LED grow lights, or would you like to learn more? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our friendly and professional team will be more than happy to help.

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