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Best 2×4 Grow Light for Small Grow Tents

Best 2x4 Grow Light for Small Grow Tents

If you have limited room space or just start off growing cannabis indoors, a 2x4 grow tent sounds like a preference. For compact grow tents like this, what is the best grow light to fit in? We have tested the top-tier grow lights for small grow tents and found their highlights for personal growers like you. Read on to check the best 2x4 grow light

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What Size Light Do I Need for a 2x4 Grow Tent

The traditional recommendation for LED grow lights was around 32 watts per square foot for flowering plants. So, for a 2x4 tent, you'd want a light of at least 256 watts. However, newer LEDs are more efficient, so you might need less wattage if you're using a high-quality modern LED light. For example, a good quality 150-200 watt LED light might suffice for a 2x4 tent if it's a full-spectrum, efficient light, such as the one we are going to introduce in the following. 

Spider Farmer SF2000 200W Samsung LM301H EVO LED Grow Light

PPF: 553.9 μmol/s

PPE: 2.7 µmol/J (Highest efficacy 3.14 μmol/j single diode)

Pricing: $220.99

Spider Farmer SF2000 Samsung LM301H EVO

Based on the renowned SF2000, Spider Farmer recently showcased the upgraded version of it - Spider Farmer SF2000 Samsung LM301H EVO LED Grow Light. As the name clearly points out, the newest version is equipped with advanced Samsung LM301H EVO diodes. What does it mean for a 2x4 grow tent?

  • With an impressive efficacy of 3.14 µmol/J PPE per diode, the LM301H EVO diodes represent the pinnacle of effectiveness so far. 
  • LED grow lights with LM301H EVO diodes shine brighter and more efficiently than their well-known counterparts, better penetrating the canopy of your cannabis in the tent. 
  • Samsung diodes are well-known for their longevity, and the EVO ones are even more durable. With solid fracture designed by Spider Farmer, you can benefit from these LED grow lights for years. 

Besides, the following advantages of Spider Farmer SF2000 Samsung LM301H EVO LED Grow Light make it the best 2x4 grow light in the market. 

  • The dimming knob allows for flexible adjustment of light intensity. More impressively, you can connect up to 60 lights with synchronized dimming for extensive indoor growing. 
  • Shaped rectangular, this grow light fits perfectly for a 2x4 grow tent and therefore ensures even light spread.  
  • Thanks to its low power wattage, you won’t have to worry about the grow light electricity costs

Spider Farmer G4500 430W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 

PPF: 1262 μmol/s

PPE: 2.8 µmol/J

Pricing: $220.99

Spider Farmer G4500

The G series is another reputable grow light lineup from Spider Farmer. Compared with the SF2000 EVO grow light, the Spider Farmer G4500 LED Grow Light uses diode chips from Bridgelux, a local American manufacturer with 21 years of experience, whose quality is time-honored. 

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What’s special about this 2x4 grow light from Spider Farmer? 

  • With an above-average high PAR of up to 1,378 µmols/m²/second, Spider Farmer G4500 LED Grow Light boosts the photosynthesis process and can significantly improve yield quantity and quality. 
  • You can see from the PPFD map, that the G4500 ensures an even distribution of light across the canopy, eliminating hotspots and ensuring all plants get uniform exposure.

G4500 ppfd

  • The G4500 LED grow light delivers an optimized full spectrum of light that caters to the varying needs of the plant lifecycle, including rich red light (660-665nm) that’ll do great good to yielding. 

Mars Hydro SP3000 Samsung LM301B Osram 300W LED Grow Light

PPF: 1136 μmol/s

PPE: 2.8 µmol/J

Pricing: $269.99


Mars Hydro is also a big name in the grow light industry. By incorporating Samsung LM301B and Osram diodes, the  SP3000 LED Grow Light ensures optimal performance and light output. The 300W is a medium grow light wattage to deliver high-intensity light without a hefty electricity bill. 

Listed as the best 2x4 grow light, SP3000 brings the following advantages for your cannabis growing: 

  • With a consumption of only 300W, this light for 2x4 grow tents offers a PPE of 2.8 µmol/J which is definitely beyond expectation. Plus, the bar design aims at even and uniform PPFD across the tent. 
  • The daisy chain is perfect for gardeners who want to expand their grow area, allowing for up to 60 units to be connected and operated from a single power outlet.
  • The full-body aluminum heatsink represents a highly efficient cooling solution. This system ensures heat generated by the LEDs is drawn upwards and away through the aluminum fins, therefore, the grow light maintains a cooler operating temperature. 

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Mars Hydro TSL 2000 300W LED Grow Light

PPF: 778μmol/S

PPE: 2.6μmol/j

Pricing: $239.99

Mars Hydro TSL2000

The Mars Hydro TSL 2000 is an excellent match for a 2x4 grow tent due to its ideal coverage area and spectrum. As the official pair of Mars Hydro’s 4x2 grow tent, the TSL 2000 is specifically designed to deliver efficient and effective lighting with a high PPF level of this wattage, ensuring optimal growth for plants across all stages.

  • The new diode arrangement, which is designed to be dense in the center and sparser towards the edges, ensures that the LED light distribution is more uniform than ever. Growers can enjoy a consistent illumination quality from the center to the sides.
  • While it consumes only around 300W of power, it delivers light output equivalent to a 450W HID system, making it highly efficient in small grow tents.
  • The dimming-daisy chain feature of TSL 2000 allows for a versatile setup by supporting the connection of up to 50 lights in a single series. If you want to upgrade the scalability one day, TSL 2000 is ideal for both small and large-scale lighting applications.

HLG 350 330W Diablo

PPF: 950+ μmol/s

PPE: 2.8 µmol/J

Pricing: $411.75

HLG 350

The HLG 350 Diablo, used to be called 350R, is a premium LED grow light introduced by Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG), a renowned name in the indoor grow light industry. This 350 Diablo is initially designed for the 5x3 grow room but can also work for a 2x4 grow tent. Let’s see how it performs. 

  • The HLG 350 Diablo utilizes the latest in quantum board technology, covering a broad area while consuming less power compared to traditional LED setups.
  • Despite its compact design, the HLG 350 Diablo offers an impressive coverage area. Be it a 2x4 grow tent or a 4x4 grow tent, HLG 350 Diablo should cover it all. 
  • The integrated reflectors in the lamp amplify its light output, ensuring that even the lower parts of the plant canopy receive ample light. 

Unfortunately, you can see from the price that it’s not the most cost-effective option. Also, the shipping somehow takes 2-3 weeks to complete. 

HLG 260 Rspec FR

The compact and efficient design of HLG 260 Rspec FR fits perfectly within your 3x4 grow tent, providing optimal light coverage and intensity for the entire grow area. The Rspec spectrum, enhanced with far-red diodes, ensures that plants receive a full spectrum of light that is crucial for maximizing photosynthesis and promoting vigorous growth, particularly in the flowering stage.

PPF: 544 µmol/s 

PPE: 2.6μmol/j

Pricing: $249.00

HLG 260

  • The custom QB272 quantum boards utilize the latest LED technology to deliver high efficiency and PPF output. Quantum boards spread light more evenly and reduce hot spots, providing consistent light distribution necessary for uniform plant growth.
  • The external dimming function allows for precise control over light intensity. This feature is useful for acclimating young plants to high light levels or providing just the right amount of intensity based on the plant's stage of growth, saving energy and reducing stress on the plants.
  • This standard and easily accessible 120V power cord and plug configuration ensures the light can be used in a variety of settings without requiring special electrical arrangements, making it plug-and-play for most indoor environments.

ViparSpectra 2024 Lens Design XS1500 Pro 150W LED Grow Light

PPF: 900+ μmol/s

PPE: 2.7 µmol/J

Pricing: $129.99

ViparSpectra XS1500

ViparSpectra manufactures a variety of LED grow lights tailored for different plant growth needs, and the upgraded 2024 XS1500 Pro is another wise choice for your 2x4 grow tents. Why? On the forum, it’s quoted to have ‘absolutely insane uniformity for a budget light’. Compared with the 2023 version, let’s see how it enhances the growing experience this year: 

  • When placed in a 2x2 ft grow tent, the XS1500 Pro shows high PPFD values (e.g., 1205 µmol/m²/s at 12 inches) that decrease slightly with height but still provide robust support for plant growth. This distribution ensures deeper light penetration to lower leaves and flowers, maintains uniformity to prevent hot spots, 
  • Featuring a dimming daisy chain capability, the XS1500 Pro allows you to connect and control up to 20 lights simultaneously, ideal for expansive commercial setups, greenhouse planting, and hydroponic gardening systems.
  • Samsung chips are the trend. Like Spider Farmer, the latest ViparSpectra XS1500 Pro also adopts superior Samsung LM301B LEDs which are known for their exceptional energy efficiency. This model guarantees outstanding lighting penetration and canopy coverage to foster optimal plant growth.


When venturing into indoor cannabis cultivation within a compact 2x4 grow tent, selecting the most suitable lighting is paramount. Our comprehensive analysis of the best 2x4 grow light reveals that the Spider Farmer SF2000 Samsung LM301H EVO LED Grow Light stands out as the best 2x4 grow light option. It combines exceptional efficacy, reliability, and value, providing outstanding PPE and a design perfectly suited for 2x4 tents. Additionally, Spider Farmer G4500, Mars Hydro SP3000, HLG 350, and ViparSpectra XS1500 Pro are also worth considering for their prioritizing performance, efficiency, and overall value. 


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