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What Is The Differences Between G Series And SE Series

G VS SE What is the differences between G Series and SE Series

Spider Farmer recently released its new G series, which has many similar features to the SE series. You may be wondering, they look almost identical but the price is different. Which series of grow lights should I choose between the G series and the SE series?
By taking a few minutes to read this article, you will learn about the similarities and differences between the G Series and SE Series. Then you will be able to make a choice between the two series.

Are the Similarities Between the G Series and SE Series?

1.Light appearance: light bar design, including 4-10 light bars
2.Installation: embedded buckle design, easy to install and remove
3.Driver: Spider farmer driver, more adapted to the parameters of the light. And the driver can be disassembled.
4.Spectrum: G300W and SE3000 spectrum includes 730-740nm(IR), 380-410nm(UV), 3200-4200K, 4800-5000K, 650-665nm
The remaining lights are full spectrum, including 3200-4200K, 4800-5000K, 650-665nm.
5.Dimming function: 10-100% brightness adjustment
6.Heat dissipation design: Their aluminum recesses increase heat dissipation area and speed up heat dissipation
7.Daisy chain function: All models can be connected to 60 lights for operation
Samsung lm301b Apart from color spectra, the possibility of exploiting light without heat emissions is one of the greatest advantages of these lamps.

Spider farmer g series and se series

What Are the Differences Between G Series and SE Series?

We already know what the G series and SE series have in common, next we will introduce their differences in order to distinguish the two series.

I. Chip Difference

The biggest difference between the G series and SE series is the different chips used.
The SE uses the famous Samsung chip, while the G series uses the outstanding Bridgelux chip. They are both known to be reliable chip manufacturers. So, how will the different chips affect indoor growing? First, let’s look at the efficacy data they bring to the plant lights.

Spider farmer se and g series chip quntity chart

From the table we can see that Samsung is better. The reasons are as follows.
When the wattage is the same, such as the G1000W and SE1000, Samsung uses fewer chips to achieve the same efficiency. This is related to the fact that the chip is driven at low current. Current is the amount of charge that passes through a specific area per unit of time. The higher the current, the more charge flows through, resulting in more collisions and more heat. The Samsung chip is driven by low current, which means that the Samsung chip generates less heat during operation, and then the longer the life of the light, the lower the degree of light decay will be.
Is the Bridgelux chip bad? Not so. To achieve the same efficiency, Spider Farmer uses more Bridgelux chips. You don’t have to worry about the light overheating while running, the Bridgelux chip also runs at low current and the heat sink design of the light solves this problem.
Overall, the difference in efficiency between the SE series and the G series is minimal, and both can help you achieve high efficiency grows.

2.PPE and PPFD

PPE (photosynthetic photon efficiency in µmol/J) or PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density in µmol/s/m2) is the most accurate way to measure the efficiency of a grow light. Multiply the PPE value by the wattage of the lamp and you will get an approximation of the PPFD.
Formula: PPE x Wattage = PPFD
The data for the G-Series and SE-Series are shown in the following table.

Spider farmer se and g series ppfd chart

With the data in the table, we can see that the PPFD value of SE is a little higher at the same wattage. The negligible difference in the data will not have a big impact on the implant results, so the grower only needs to choose a grow light with different wattage according to his needs.

3.Different Prices

Price is one of the most important factors in deciding whether consumers buy a product or not. Compared with other differences, the price difference between SE and G is more significant. The price difference is mainly due to the different chips, Samsung chips are more expensive than Bridgelux chips, so the SE series has a higher price.
Price comparison table:

Spider farmer se and g series price chart

4.Different Consumers

The difference in chips, efficiency and price has caused the SE and G series to target different consumers. For consumers who prefer Samsung chips, SE series is the best choice for them. Samsung is like a guarantee for the efficiency of the plant light, which can maximize the plant harvest. Growers are willing to trade a slightly higher price for a guarantee of quality. Commercial growers, in particular, must be assured of the quality of their grow lights. And as we mentioned above, the SE Series emits less heat when operating, which reduces the ventilation expense of commercial grows.
Consumers who choose the G Series are more interested in the cost effectiveness of the product. In the chart we can see that the efficiency of the G series is on par with the SE, which also ensures that the plants get enough light to grow and thus improve the plant harvest. There is no doubt about the quality of Bridgelux chips, and growers do not have to worry about some problems caused by different chips. All Spider Farmer lights come with a five-year warranty, so any problems can be resolved quickly.


This is an introduction to the similarities and differences between SE and G series. We hope this blog can help you find the differences between them. If you still have any questions, you can comment below the blog and we will answer them for you.

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