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How to Turn A Hermie Back into A Female [Full Guide]

How to Turn A Hermie Back into A Female

All-In-One Guide on How to Turn A Hermie Back into A Female

While appreciating the gorgeous bloom of your cannabis, strange things happen. Besides the female flowers which have pistils that stick out from the center, you also notice male flowers which have small balls that contain pollen sacs. What’s wrong with it? The answer is quite simple, you are seeing a hermaphrodite plant. In case you don’t know, cannabis hermies tend to produce less strong buds and lower yields because they divert resources away from bud production to the development of male flowers and self-pollinate. And that’s why some growers want to turn a hermie back into a female. 

In this post, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about how to turn a hermie back into a female. Unlike solving other planting issues, reversing hermaphrodite plants can be more complex to handle and may bring up some judicial issues. So, grab your attention, and let’s get started. 

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Is It Possible to Reverse Hermaphrodite Plants to Female

From a botanical and horticultural level, yes. However, from a legitimacy level, not necessarily possible, depending on which region you are in. 

Although cannabis cultivation is allowed in some countries, it is illegal in many jurisdictions to manipulate the gender of a plant for good reasons - to protect the natural environment, prevent genetically modified organisms, and maintain ethical standards. Therefore, before reversing the gender of hermie plant in flower, it’s strongly suggested to learn the legal framework surrounding plant cultivation and manipulation in your region. 

As long as you are 100 percent sure it’s legal to do so, it is possible to reverse hermaphrodite plants back to female plants by removing the male flowers or pollen sacs from the hermie cannabis, a process known as the reversion. However, it is important to note that the success of reversion depends on several factors, such as the stages of plant growth, the severity of hermaphroditism, and the specific strain of the plant.

How Do I Turn A Hermie Back into A Female [Proceed with Caution] 

Once upon a time, there was one popular product named Dutch Master Reverse that was widely known for its powerful ability to not only reverse hermies, but to also stop them from being produced in the first place. Unfortunately, this strong chemical is very dangerous. It is carcinogenic and can poison the liver, and even cause infertility in humans. As a result, it’s banned, for good reasons though. With that being said, what else can you try to turn a hermie back into a female? 

Pluck the Male Flowers & Pollen Sacs Manually 

For hermie cannabis, it will take weeks for the male pollen sacs to get ready for flowering and spew out that pollen. Therefore, if you can identify and eliminate them early enough, you can save your cannabis. Here’s how to process it in detail: 

Step 1. Identify the male flowers or pollen sacs on the hermie cannabis plant. They typically grow in clusters and have small round balls (pollen sacs) that contain pollen. These balls may be green or yellow and feel firm to the touch. On the contrary, female flowers will have small and white pistils.

female plant vs male plant

Step 2. Carefully remove the male flowers or pollen sacs from the plant by plucking them one by one. While doing so, you can wet the sacs down to avoid further chances of pollination happening. 

Step 3. Monitor the plant closely to ensure that no new male flowers or pollen sacs develop. Hermaphroditic traits can be caused by stress factors, such as light leaks, grow room temperature and humidity control, or nutrient imbalances. Identify and address any stress to prevent the development of new male flowers.

Hopefully, you can turn hermie weed plant flowering into a female one by implementing the steps above. 

Conclusion on Reversing Hermaphrodite Plants

After reading this post, you should know how to turn a hermie back into a female by following the tutorial provided. However, although you may turn hermie cannabis into a female one by plucking all male flowers, the most recommended method when faced with hermies is to cut them off immediately before giving them any chance to affect the rest of your buds. 

FAQs about How to Turn A Hermie Back into A Female

  • Can you reverse hermaphrodite plants?

Yes, by plucking all male flowers and pollen sacs thoroughly and carefully, you stand a chance to reverse hermie cannabis to female. 

  • How do you fix a hermaphrodite plant?

The most effective way to fix a hermie plant is to cut the hermie bud off as soon as you spot any signs of male flowers. In that case, the rest of your plants have the chance to stay unharmed. 

  • Can you get feminized seeds from a hermaphrodite?

Yes, it is possible to get feminized seeds from a hermaphrodite plant, but don’t expect much about the seed quality. If you want to produce high-quality seeds, it's best to start with high-quality female plants or purchase feminized seeds. 

  • What can you do with hermie buds?

The best shot with hermie buds is to eliminate them all once spotted. However, if you want to try at least to save them, you can pluck male flowers and pollen sacs carefully and see if the buds turn into female ones.  


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