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How to Identify A Female Seed: Signs You Should Notice

How to Identify A Female Seed

How Can You Tell If A Cannabis Seed Is A Female

Theoretically speaking, cannabis seeds by themselves do not have a gender, but they do present specific male, female, and even hermaphrodite characteristics. And trust me, you don’t want to have male weed seeds - they do not produce the valuable buds that contain high levels of cannabinoids. Therefore, is there a way to tell male vs female weed seeds so you can benefit from fruitful and potent yield? Stay tuned and you’ll know how to identify a female seed.

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What Is A Female Cannabis Seed

A female seed is able to develop into a female cannabis plant and produce the coveted buds rich in cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. One significant characteristic of female cannabis plants is the small hair-like structures known as pistils, which play a crucial role in capturing pollen during the flowering stage, leading to seed production when fertilized.

How Can You Tell If A Seedling Is Male or Female

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to identify the gender of a cannabis seed simply by looking at it. I mean, the seeds look quite similar to each other. The only way to identify a female seed is to plant it and wait for it to grow, at some point before the flowering stage. Female cannabis seeds will continue to develop pistils, while male seeds produce sac-like structures known as pollen sacs. You can tell if a plant is male or female by checking its distinct visual differences below.

Difference Between Male vs Female Seeds

Although there will be some hints in the pre-flowering phase during your plant’s life cycle, these differences become more apparent during the flowering stage.

male-vs-female cannabis seed

Image from female (left) vs male (right) cannabis seed

Male Cannabis Plants:

  • Pollen Sacs: One of the most evident features of male cannabis plants is the presence of pollen sacs or stamens. These sacs look like small, round balls that hang down from the plant's nodes or branches. They contain pollen, which is responsible for fertilizing female plants.
  • Sparse, Minimal Flowers: Male cannabis plants typically have fewer flowers compared to female plants. The flowers are small and less dense, with the primary focus being on the development of pollen sacs.

Female Cannabis Plants:

  • Pistils (White Hairs): Female cannabis plants have prominent pistils, which are long, hair-like structures that emerge from the calyxes of the flowers. These pistils are usually white but can change color as the plant matures.
  • Resinous Buds: The hallmark of female cannabis plants is their production of resinous buds. These buds are covered in a sticky, crystalline substance that contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds.
  • Flower Clusters: Female plants typically have more abundant and dense flower clusters compared to males. These clusters, known as colas, are the primary target for cannabis growers seeking to harvest high-quality buds.

Can You Feminize Cannabis Seeds

cannabis seed

Now you should know the importance of a female weed seed, possibly, you are wondering - is there a way to have female seeds only? Lucky you, it’s possible to feminize cannabis seeds in mainly three ways, including the colloidal silver method, silver thiosulfate method, and rodelization method.

Among them, the colloidal silver method is the most common one to feminize cannabis seeds. Colloidal silver is a suspension of tiny silver particles in water. When applied to female plants during the early stages of flowering, it disrupts the production of ethylene, a hormone responsible for the development of female flowers. As a result, the treated female plants start producing male flowers with pollen sacs instead of female flowers. The pollen from these treated female plants is then used to pollinate other female plants, resulting in feminized seeds.

However, you should know that all feminization methods are likely to sprout hermaphrodites, which are plants that carry both male and female traits. To know how to fix a hermie, kindly refer to this article: How to Turn A Hermie Back into A Female


So far, there’s no way to identify a female weed seed from a bunch of seeds. You have to actually plant the seed and let it mature. Once it reaches the flowering stage, a cannabis seed will show its gender characteristics as a female, male, or hermaphrodite plant. If you can see signs such as pistils, resinous buds, and flower clusters, good news for you, it’s a female cannabis plant. Take care of it by offering the needed light spectrum and then wait for a potent yield.


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    1. Ciki says:

      Hi Jeezy, I mentioned in quite the beginning: The only way to identify a female seed is to plant it and wait for it to grow, at some point before the flowering stage.

      There’s no way to know the gender of the seed before planting it, but growers all want to know if there’s a trick to do so. That’s why we wrote the article.

    2. Richard says:

      Using a magnifying glass I look for a circle on the bottom of the seed. If you have a complete round circle more than likely it’s a female with this method I am 9 and 0 so far choosing female seeds that I find or friends find when we’re rolling up.

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    You’re actually wrong you can tell a female from a male at the germination stage. A male seed will shoot from the top whereas a female with shoot from the side. There’s no need to waste growing time

    1. Ciki says:

      Hi James,

      We are surprised to know that. Did you do this a lot and every time it turned out to be correct? As far as we know, growers can only find out the gender when the plants develop into the pre-flowering stage.

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