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What Is Kief & Best Kief Weed Usage

What Is Kief

Kief Weed: What Is It, How to Make, & How to Use It 

If you’ve ever noticed the small, light gold, powdery substance collected in your weed grinder or the bottom of cannabis jars, well, it is kief. Loaded with a potent mix of cannabinoids and terpenes, kief is essentially a concentrated form of cannabis trichomes that can produce strong effects. 

In this guide, we will walk you through this popular cannabis component, including what is kief, how to make/collect kief, and various ways to use these tiny resin glands. 

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What Is Kief 

Kief, also called pollen, often considered a hidden gem of cannabis components, is a fine, powdery, and somewhat sticky substance derived from the resin glands, known as trichomes. When trichomes dry and detach from the plant, they form kief. These remnant glands contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, offering the robust effects you are looking for. While typical cannabis flowers contain THC levels ranging from 12% to 25%, kief can have THC concentrations as high as 70%. 

what is kief

Due to oxidation and loss of freshness after being separated from the buds, kief typically exhibits a darker color than the trichomes, varying from light gold to brown. The color also indicates the purity. The purer and more potent kief tends to be lighter in color, usually a shade of pale yellow or off-white. On the contrary, darker or greenish kief often contains some plant material. By the way, sometimes it’s transliterated as keef, but kief is the correct spelling. 

milky white trichome

milky white trichome on female cannabis plants

How to Make/Collect Weed Kief

Kief is essentially the collection of potent trichomes that separate from cannabis buds over time through natural agitation or intentional extraction. One of the most popular methods to collect kief is by using a weed grinder, generally a four-piece metal grinder with 3 chambers. These grinders often feature a dedicated compartment at the bottom known as a kief catcher. This specialized chamber definitely helps to simplify the kief collection process. 

Using a Weed Grinder with a Kief Catcher

  1. Select a grinder that is specifically designed to collect kief. This will typically be a 3- or 4-piece grinder that includes a kief catcher at the bottom. The Spider Farmer 3″ Grinder is a go-to choice if you are new to weed grinding. 
  1. Place your cannabis buds into the top chamber of the grinder. Secure the lid and turn it several times. As you grind the cannabis, the small pieces fall through to the middle chamber, while the tiny trichomes (kief) pass through a fine screen into the kief catcher at the bottom.

how to use a grinder for weed

  1. Regular use of your grinder for grinding cannabis will naturally lead to the accumulation of kief in the kief catcher. Once you observe that a noticeable amount of kief has accumulated in the catcher, it’s time to collect it. Carefully unscrew or open the bottom chamber of your grinder to access the kief.
  2. Once collected, you can either use the kief immediately or store it for later use. If storing, ensure it is placed in a cool, dry place in an airtight container to maintain its potency.

Manual Sifting Kief Using Screens

If you find yourself without a grinder, kief can also be collected by manually rubbing the cannabis against a silk screen. This method is especially beneficial for extracting larger quantities of kief and is ideal if you have a significant amount of cannabis. 

Silk screens of varying mesh sizes, typically between 75-125 microns, ensure optimal kief collection while minimizing the inclusion of plant matter. For refined results, you can even try multiple screens stacked in order of decreasing mesh size. 

Whether you choose to use a grinder or manual screening, the end result is a highly concentrated form of cannabis that is cherished for its robust effects. With kief at hand, what are some good ways to use it? 

How to Consume Kief

Using kief, or weed pollen, is a versatile process, as it can be incorporated into various methods of cannabis consumption. Here are some popular kief utilizations to amplify the potency of flowers. 

  1. Add to a Bowl or Joint

Sprinkle on a Bowl: This is no doubt the most popular way to consume kief. Commonly known as ‘crowning a bowl’, this involves adding kief on top of the cannabis in a bowl, enhancing its potency. Remember to ‘corner’ your hits, which means lighting a small portion of the bowl at a time to enjoy multiple potent hits without burning all the kief at once.

Mix into Joints: When rolling a joint, blend a pinch of kief evenly with your cannabis. This boosts the joint's overall potency. For an extra kick, try ‘twaxing’ the joint by dampening the outside and rolling the top in kief.

how to use kief

  1. Vape Kief

For high-quality kief, vaping can be a great option to use the kief. This method is best suited for premium kief, otherwise, you won't feel any difference. If you're a fan of vaping, lucky you, many vaporizers are equipped with a concentrate insert specifically for vaporizing kief. 

Tips: Vaping at lower temperatures helps to maintain the subtle flavors and aromas from the terpenes, enhancing your vaping experience.

However, although it may be tempting to use kief on your dab nail, it's important to remember that kief includes significant amounts of plant material. That means placing weed on a dab nail can lead to burning and potentially damaging the nail, preventing you from enjoying a proper dab.

  1. Add Kief to Edibles 

You can also incorporate kief into your homemade edibles, including cannabutter, the iconic kief-infused brownies, cannabis gummies, and so many more. Decarboxylate the kief by gently heating it in an oven before adding it to the ingredients in your cooking. This method activates the THC, making it effective for ingestion.

  1. Make Hash from Kief

Hash is a classic cannabis extract made by pressing kief into bricks or balls (charas). You can press kief using parchment paper and hand pressure or a mechanical press, darkening it to achieve a rich consistency.

  1. Create Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are made by coating cannabis buds with hash oil and then rolling them in kief. This not only makes them extremely potent but also easy to prepare at home.

  1. Press Rosin

Press kief between heated plates to extract rosin, a clean and potent concentrate. While kief rosin might not taste as refined as those made from whole buds or hash, it’s a potent product made using simple tools like a hair straightener or a professional press.

How to Store Kief

It’s possible you don’t want to use all kief at once, and that’s when storing kief becomes necessary. Yes, kief can go bad, just like the weed. To preserve kief’s potency and prevent it from melting into a single mass, it should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Small, airtight containers are ideal for maintaining its quality over time. 

how to store kief


Kief represents a potent and versatile component of the cannabis plant, offering numerous recreational and medicinal benefits. By understanding what it is, how to collect, use, and store kief properly, you can level up your cannabis experience significantly. Still have questions about it? Leave a comment below!


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