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Complete Guide to Weed Measurements: Weed Sizes and Costs

Weed Measurements

Common Weed Measurements & How Much Are They

Cannabis, marijuana, weed, or whatever you call it, is measured and priced by weight. Unfortunately, it has various weight sizes and measurements, which can be perplexing especially when you are new to the herb. You may hear terms like a gram, eighth, quarter, or ounce in a dispensary and get totally lost. 

Understanding weed measurements ensures you get what you pay for when you are purchasing weed both online and in the local store. This post will help you learn different cannabis weighing systems, terms, costs for each, and everything you should know about weed measurements. 

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Weed Measurements in the U.S. & Worldwide 

In the United States, the imperial system is dominating most measurements. Unfortunately, globally, cannabis is measured in grams, a unit from the metric system. That’s to say, if you are based in the United States, you have to understand how imperial units, specifically ounces, convert into grams when dealing with cannabis. Otherwise, you may break the regional legal limit without realizing it. 



Eighth (⅛) of an ounce

3.5 grams

Quarter (¼) of an ounce

7 grams

Half (½) of an ounce

14 grams

One ounce

28 grams

One pound

453 grams

Common Weed Measurements & Their Prices 

When purchasing weed, common weed sizes include gram, eighth, quarter, half, ounce, and pound. Below is a breakdown of each weed measurement and how much each weed size costs. 


Let’s start with the minimal. Purchasing as little as one gram of cannabis from a nearby online marijuana dispensary is an excellent option for newcomers or those wanting to try out a new strain. A gram offers a suitable amount to start, providing enough for one medium-to-large bud or two smaller ones. With this quantity, you could roll one well-packed joint, a couple of decent-sized half-gram joints, or even three one-hitters.

How Much Is a Gram of Weed

The price for a gram of cannabis usually falls under $20, although this can vary based on where you purchase it and the quality of the bud. Commonly referred to as a ‘dub sack’ or ‘20-sack’, a gram is a practical measure for casual users. You may also hear the term ‘dime bag’, which is often used to describe $10 worth of cannabis and typically equates to a gram of bud.

weed measurements

Eighth (⅛) Ounce

An eighth of an ounce of cannabis amounts to about 3.5 grams. Depending on the size and density of the buds, this quantity typically comprises two to four buds. Most dispensaries feature their most vibrant, densely-packed flowers in eighths, as this is a common purchase and also an affordable size for many users. An eighth of an ounce can yield about three hefty full-gram joints and one half-gram joint. For those preferring a bong or pipe, it can pack at least six bowls.

How Much Is an Eighth

The price for an eighth of cannabis can range from $30 to $70, depending on the dispensary’s location and factors such as strain, THC content, and overall quality. For occasional cannabis users, an eighth could last up to two weeks, while regular smokers might go through it in just a few days.

Quarter (¼) Ounce

As you can expect, a quarter ounce of marijuana weighs in at about 7 grams, two times an eighth. A quarter ounce can produce at least seven full-gram joints, 14 half-gram joints, or even up to 30 one-hitters. It’s a significant amount that should last at least a week or much longer for moderate users.

How Much Is a Quarter of Weed 

The price of a quarter ounce can vary widely, depending on the season, quality, and purchase location. Prices might dip as low as $20 for shake during the harvest season, but can go up to $100 in certain areas, such as Los Angeles. 

weed sizes

Half (½) Ounce

A half ounce, or 14 grams, is commonly packaged by dispensaries. Known colloquially as a ‘half O’, ‘half zip’, or ‘half-lid’, this quantity consists of roughly two handfuls of robust, dense buds, and approximately 30 joints can be rolled.

Cost of a Half Ounce Weed 

Expect to pay about $90 to $160 for a half ounce, with prices varying by strain and THC or CBD content.


An ounce (translating to about 28 grams) is a prevalent measure in many dispensaries, particularly if you are in the U.S. This amount usually includes over ten large buds. From an ounce, you could roll up to 84 cigarette-sized joints or about 28 one-gram joints if you prefer a nicely packed joint each day. Depending on usage, an ounce can last from one month to six weeks, or longer if used sparingly or in edibles.

How Much is the Cost of an Ounce

An ounce of cannabis generally costs between $160 to $350 in the United States. Buying in bulk, such as an ounce, is cost-effective if you frequently host friends or prefer to stock up.


Here’s the bulk one. A pound of cannabis equates to 453 grams, a substantial amount typically handled by growers and retailers rather than consumers, due to legal purchasing limits in most states, often capped at one ounce. A pound consists of 16 ounces, which could theoretically roll about 453 joints.

Cost of a Pound

The average price for a pound of cannabis is around $1,600, though this varies based on strain, location, and other factors. Possession of such a quantity can be illegal in many places, even where cannabis is legal for recreational or medical use. If you are consuming weed alone, start with one gram. 

Bonus: Slangs for Weed Measurements

In addition to the formal and standardized weed measurements above, if you mingle with long-time cannabis enthusiasts, you might encounter some slang terms for various weed amounts. Here, we list the most commonly used weed weight slangs for you:

weed amounts

Nick - Short for ‘nickel’, this term refers to a $5 amount of cannabis, which is generally a small quantity, perhaps a quarter gram or a few pinches just enough for one or two uses.

Dime, dime bag, or dime sack - Similar to dub, a dime bag typically refers to $10 worth of weed, which is often around half a gram.

Dub - This term usually refers to a $20 bag of weed, which often equates to about a gram, depending on the quality.

Half or Half O - Refers to a half ounce of cannabis, approximately 14 grams.

Zip - Slang for an ounce of marijuana, deriving from the fact that an ounce often fits nicely into a standard zip-lock bag.

OZ - Another term used for an ounce of cannabis.

QP - Short for a quarter pound, which is about 4 ounces or 113 grams.

Half P - Refers to a half pound of weed.

Elbow - Slang for a pound of cannabis. The term comes from the abbreviation ‘lb’, which sounds like ‘elbow’.

About Weed Measurements 

Navigating the world of cannabis measurements can initially seem daunting due to the variety of terms and weights used. Understanding these weed sizes is crucial to ensure you are getting exactly what you pay for, whether you're purchasing from an online dispensary or a local retailer. Fortunately, our guide has provided a comprehensive look at common cannabis sizes and their prices, helping demystify the system for both novice and experienced users.


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