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How to Grind Weed With or Without a Grinder

How to Grind Weed

Imagine you just had a bountiful cannabis harvest with promising buds and potent cannabinoids, possibly the next thing is to get it ground for smoking. How to grind weed to get the most out of it?  A weed grinder may come across your mind, effortless choice. However, are there any ways to grind weed without a grinder? Sure yes! This post is going to share 8 working ways on how to grind weed without a grinder. Read on to learn different methods, tools, and tricks for the perfect grind.

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How to Grind Weed with a Grinder

Grinding with a weed grinder is indeed easy and effective. So, if you happen to own a grinder, here we go.

Step 1: Select the Bud

It’s suggested to select and organize the flower buds before crashing them in the grinder. 

select weed before grinding

  • Look for buds that are dry but not overly brittle. They should have a slight springiness when you squeeze them gently. 
  • In case the buds get overloaded in the equipment, gently break apart the larger buds with your fingers.
  • Carefully remove any stems, as they can be harsh when smoked and may damage your grinder.

Step 2: Prepare Your Grinder

Most grinders consist of a top and bottom chamber with sharp teeth. Some high-quality grinders, such as the Spider Farmer 3″ Grinder, consist of 4 pieces that aim to offer a smooth and consistent weed-grinding experience. Simply open the lid and you can 45 see diamond-shaped sharp teeth. 

Spider Farmer 3″ Grinder

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Step 3: Load the Grinder

Place the pieces of weed evenly between the teeth of the grinder in the chamber. Avoid overfilling it, as this can lead to uneven grinding.

load the grinder

Step 4: Grind the Weed

Once the weed is in place, close the grinder and twist the top and bottom in opposite directions. You should feel the weed crashing into smaller pieces. After a few twists, open the grinder to check the consistency of the grind. Depending on the coarser or finer consistency you desire, stop or continue grinding the weed. 

Step 5: Collect the Grind

Before opening it fully, give the grinder a gentle tap to knock any stuck pieces through the holes. Carefully open the grinder and retrieve the ground weed. Most of it will be in the chamber below the teeth.

Once done grinding the weed, you can either consume the ground cannabis immediately or transfer it to an airtight container to maintain freshness.

Additional Tips on Grinding Weed with a Grinder 

  • If using a grinder with a kief catcher, such as the Spider Farmer one, be aware that finer particles will collect in the bottom chamber, which can be used separately.
  • For a better smoking experience, ensure the weed is ground to a consistent size.
  • Regular cleaning of your grinder will ensure it stays efficient and doesn’t contaminate your weed.

How to Grind Weed without a Grinder in 8 Ways

We get it, sometimes you just don’t want to purchase an item specifically for only one thing. Luckily, you can still reach the desired weed consistency without a weed grinder. By making use of some household supplies, here’s how to grind weed without a grinder:

1. Scissors and a Shot Glass

Tools Needed: Sharp scissors and a small, sturdy glass like a shot glass.

Method: Place a bud in the shot glass and snip it into small pieces with the scissors. This method is great for precision and control, allowing you to achieve a more customized grind. It's ideal for small quantities and ensures minimal trichome loss.

2. Using a Knife and a Chopping Board

Tools Needed: A sharp knife and a chopping board.

Method: Gently chop the weed on the board, similar to mincing herbs. This method allows for a fairly consistent grind, but requires patience and care. It's important to use a sharp knife to avoid crushing the trichomes, ensuring the potency remains intact.

how to grind weed without a grinder

3. Coin and Pill Bottle Technique

Tools Needed: A clean coin and a pill bottle or any small, sealable plastic container.

Method: Place the weed and coin inside the bottle, seal it, then shake vigorously. The coin acts as a pseudo-blade, chopping the weed as it bounces around. This method is effective for a quick, no-fuss grind, especially when you're on the go.

4. Coffee Grinder

Tools Needed: A coffee grinder.

Method: Use short, quick pulses to chop the weed in the grinder. This method is efficient for grinding larger quantities but requires careful attention to avoid over-grinding. But we believe what you worry about most is the smell. How long does the smell of weed last

use coffee grinder to grind weed

5. Hand Grinding

Tools Needed: Just your hands.

Method: here comes the raw one. If you are wondering how to grind weed by hand, gently tear and pick apart the weed using your fingers. This traditional method is tactile and allows you to feel the texture of the weed, giving you complete control over the grind's coarseness. It's best suited for drier weed.

6. Cheese Grater

Tools Needed: A cheese grater.

Method: Rub the weed against the smaller holes of the grater. This method is surprisingly effective, especially for achieving a finer grind. However, it requires careful handling to avoid scraping your fingers.

7. Mortar and Pestle

Tools Needed: A mortar and pestle.

Method: Crush and grind the weed in a circular motion using the pestle. This method allows for a fine and uniform grind, perfect for culinary uses or for a smooth smoking experience. It's a bit more labor-intensive but offers a high level of control.

8. Blender

Tools Needed: A blender.

Method: Similar to grinding weed with a coffee grinder, you can try using brief, quick pulses of a blender to chop the weed. This is an efficient way to grind large amounts quickly, but it's crucial to pulse rather than blend continuously to avoid turning the weed into dust. Also, the smell can linger.  

use blender to grind weed

Tips for Grinding Without a Grinder

  • Be Gentle: As you can tell, many of the household items are too powerful for grinding cannabis, therefore, the key is to be gentle to avoid losing the potent trichomes.
  • Clean the Tools First: Ensure that whatever tool you use is clean and dry to avoid contaminating your weed.
  • Avoid Overgrinding: Overgrinding can make the weed too fine for some consumption methods and can lead to loss of potency.

FAQs about Grinding Weed

How Long Should I Grind Weed?

The grinding time depends on the method and the grinder you are using. With manual grinders, a few twists (about 5-10 seconds) are typically sufficient. If using alternative methods, such as scissors or a mortar and pestle, it might take a bit longer. So we suppose the best way is to monitor the consistency as you go. 

Do You Pick Out the Stems Before Grinding?

Yes, it's advisable to pick out the stems before grinding. Stems are more fibrous and can be harsh to smoke. They can also damage the grinder’s teeth and affect the consistency of your grind. Removing stems ensures a smoother, more enjoyable smoke and prolongs the life of your grinder.

Is It Better to Grind Weed Coarse or Fine?

The ideal grind depends on your consumption method.

  • For Joints and Blunts: A medium-coarse grind is generally better as it allows for even airflow and burns consistently.
  • For Vaporizers: A finer grind is often preferred as it increases the surface area, allowing for better vapor production.
  • For Bongs and Pipes: A medium grind works best, balancing airflow and preventing smaller pieces from passing through the bowl.

Do Grinders Destroy Trichomes?

Grinders can cause some loss of trichomes, it’s just inevitable. However, a good quality grinder such as the one from Spider Farmer is designed to minimize this loss. It comes with a kief catcher, which collects the trichomes that fall off during the grinding process, allowing you to use them separately. 


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