SF Series LED Grow Light.

Concentrating on improving yields and saving energy cost, here comes to the SF serials. Using the Samsung diodes(Samsung’s official partner) and Meanwell driver in the SF serials LED grow lights, promising you the high quality and splendid performance. At the same time, the SF serials make grow become more simple with providing the full and uniform spectrum as well as dimming  daisy chain.

SE Series LED Grow Light.

Putting efforts on increasing your growth yields and making growing plant become easier, the SE serials are the outstanding developers. Inheriting the Spider Farmer usual high quality style, the Samsung and Osram diodes,as well as the Meanwell and Moso power origin are applied in the SE serials LED grow light. Therefore, the full spectrum is perfectly performed among the SE serials with high efficiency, increasing the harvest for your plant growing and saving the energy cost for you. Furthermore, the 50000H long lifespan is also a spot light of the SE serials. All in all, smart choices for your growing.

Plant Cultivators

Enjoy energy savings and better quality of light by upgrading to Spider Farmer LED Lighting.

Spider Farmer
Veg & Succulents Light.

Attaching with the solid light reflector, uniform light and unique design for the vegetables, producing the SF300 and SF 600 with outstanding growing performance and providing higher yields, healthier vegetables to your growing.

Solid Light Reflector

Aiming at providing highlight reflectivity with less light loss.

High Efficiency Light

Complete and uniform light helps producing better plants and higher yields.

Full Spectrum

Designed for veg/succulents, more blue light added to the spectrum

Zero Noise

No fan needed, noise free

【420 Price Guarantee】Spider Farmer® GlowR40 Deep Red Spectrum 660nm Supplemental LED Grow Light

Original price was: $95.99.Current price is: $76.79.

420 Price Guarantee

The SF-GlowR40 Deep Red Spectrum Supplemental LED Grow Light (650-665nm) is crucial for enhancing photosynthesis in plants during flowering and fruiting, promoting robust growth. With features like an IP65 Waterproof Transparent Lampshade, Digital Programmable Timer, and daisy chain design, multiple Installation Methods,users can effortlessly connect and optimize installations for maximum yield of flower buds and crops.

Wattage – 40W (20W Each Light Bar; 2 pcs)
Light size: 2.06ft*0.15ft*0.12ft (1PCS)
Max Daisy Chain Number: 16 Single Bars (110V)/ 32 Single Bars (220V)

GlowR40 is suitable for under 500W as a reference. (SF2000/SF4000/G4500/SE4000/SE5000/G5000), it can also be horizontally or vertically hung separately for any grow space. Designed to fit most lights for added safety and ease of use.

SF-GlowR40 User Manual



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