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Best Grow Light for 4×4 Tent in 2024 [Pros & Cons]

Best Grow Light for 4x4 Tent

Due to the proper size - not too big, not too small, a 4x4 grow tent is definitely the most popular indoor growing choice. The following question is, for optimal cannabis yield, what’s the best grow light for a 4x4 tent? To answer this question, we will briefly walk you through the lighting requirements for 4x4 grow tents and then list the best grow light options in the 2024 market. 

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How Many Lux Are Needed for a 4x4 Grow Tent

In case you don’t know, lux essentially measures how much light is received on the weed surface. Although the number of lux needed for a 4x4 grow tent depends on various factors, for an easy understanding, we choose the plant growth stage as the major criterion here. 

  • Seedlings stage: Aim for a minimum of 5,000 to 10,000 lux.
  • Vegetative stage: Aim for 15,000 to 30,000 lux.
  • Flowering stage: Aim for 30,000 to 50,000 lux or more.

While lux illustrates how much light the plant needs, it doesn’t specify or measure the role of the grow lights. How to ensure your plants receive the appropriate light? The key metrics to consider for a 4x4 grow light are PPFD and PPE, which will be listed in the review for all grow lights. 

Spider Farmer SF4000 450W Samsung LM301H EVO LED Grow Light

Spider Farmer SF4000

Utilizing the advanced Samsung LM301B diodes, which are renowned for their high efficiency and strong light output, the Spider Farmer SF4000 is one of the best LED grow lights for a 4x4 tent. These LEDs excel in producing a stronger blue spectrum, maximizing growth potential with an efficiency previously unachievable with traditional LED setups, supporting a vegetative footprint of 5x5 ft and a flowering footprint of 4x4 ft. 

Note: Spider Farmer is a verified partner by Samsung, so the built-in diodes are 100% authentic.  


  • PPFD: 200-1800 μmol/m²/s (Note: this metric is tested on a 5x5 grow tent, so the actual PPFD in a 4x4 tent would be even higher)
  • Average PPE: 2.75-3.14 µmol/s per watt
  • Price: $399.99


  • Positioned at the forefront of grow light technology, the LM301H EVO LEDs deliver exceptional brightness and operate at enhanced efficiency levels. With an outstanding efficiency of up to 3.14 µmol/J PPE per diode, these LEDs surpass the performance of other well-known LED grow light chips. 
  • As a panel light, Spider Farmer is granted superior penetration capabilities compared to other lights with the same wattage. The light reaches deeper into the plant canopy, promoting healthier growth and development. 
  • Additionally, you can get SF4000 at a lower price point than similar models, making it an exceptionally cost-effective solution for growers seeking the best grow light for a 4x4 tent.
  • The 2024 new version of the SF4000 features an innovative diode arrangement, concentrated along the edges, which ensures a more uniform PPFD across the entire grow space. This optimal distribution allows for better light absorption, resulting in higher yields.


  • While the SF4000 operates at higher temperatures, it has been thoroughly tested and certified to ensure that it poses no safety hazards. So far, there has been no customer feedback regarding fire risks or similar dangers in SF4000.

Spider Farmer SE5000 480W LED Grow Light 

Spider Farmer SE5000

The Spider Farmer SE5000 LED Grow Light is another excellent choice for your 4x4 grow space. Equipped with top bin LEDs and Samsung LM301B diodes, this grow light ensures high output and strong light penetration, crucial for deep canopy growth. Additionally, it incorporates a detachable Spider Farmer driver, certified by ROHS, UL, and CE, which not only guarantees safety and reliability but also enhances efficiency by reducing heat buildup. 


  • PPFD: 385-1450 μmol/m²/s (depending on how high you hang the grow lights)
  • Average PPE: 2.8 μmol/J
  • Price: $539.99


  • The light features a certificated driver, ensuring compliance with safety and environmental standards. Additionally, the driver is detachable, which can help in reducing heat accumulation, thereby extending the lifespan of the light.
  • This implies that the light converts up to 95% of the electrical energy used into light, minimizing energy waste and ensuring that your plants receive more light for growth.
  • The dimming daisy chain feature allows for easy control of light intensity across multiple grow lights, making the SE5000 perfect for commercial growing setups.


  • The high price tag can be a big consideration for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Heavier than some other Spider Farmer models, which might require careful handling during setup.

Spider Farmer SE7000 730W LED Grow Light

Spider Farmer SE7000

The Spider Farmer SE7000 LED Grow Light is a high-performance lighting solution designed for serious indoor growers, especially commercial cannabis cultivators. It’s also a good fit for vertical farming. With its impressive PPFD output, it's a top choice for those looking to maximize yields in 4x4 grow spaces.


  • PPFD: 1000-1600 μmol/m²/s 
  • Average PPE: 2.8 µmol/s per watt
  • Price: $645.99


  • Compared with the panel design, LED light bars ensure a more even and uniform light distribution. There won’t be such a big gap between the exterior and interior PPFD.

Spider Farmer SE7000 PPDF

  • With an impressive PPE, Spider Farmer SE7000 is a highly efficient grow light for 4x4 grow tents, reducing LED light costs in the long run. 
  • Certified by RoHS, UL, and CE, the SE7000 grow light uses durable and environment-friendly materials, supporting up to 100,000 hours of lifespan. 


  • The price is just not for every home grower. Yet, commercial growers should not miss it. 

Mars Hydro FC-E1000 1000W LED Grow Light


Similar to SE7000, the Mars Hydro FC-E1000 1000W LED Grow Light is crafted for dedicated cultivators, especially suited for commercial cannabis endeavors. The average 1800 μmol/m²/s PPFD value makes it another optimal selection for growers wanting peak performance in 4x4 grow areas. 


  • PPFD: 1300-2000 μmol/m²/s, with an average 1800 μmol/m²/s PPFD
  • Average PPE: 2.8 µmol/s per watt
  • Price: $819.99


  • Designed with a unique structure, the Mars Hydro FC-E1000 utilizes 10 LED bars that guarantee consistent and evenly spread illumination, ensuring no significant difference in PPFD from the center to the edges.
  • Unlike some other FC-E collections, the FC-E1000W offers scalability and flexibility. It features 10 light bars that can be configured to cover either a 4x4 or 4x6 grow tent. 
  • The FC-E1000W boasts a remarkable PPF of 2,766 µmol/s. Plus, in a 4x4 space, even when configured for a smaller size, the FC-E1000W maintains an impressive average PAR intensity of 1,668 µmols/m²/second. 


  • Its premium features come with a price tag that might be a stretch for individual home growers. 
  • Although this 4x4 grow light is indeed energy efficient, the grow light wattage indicates high electricity bills. 

Mars Hydro FC-E4800 480W LED Grow Light

Mars Hydro Fc-e4800

The Mars Hydro FC-E4800 BridgeLux LED Grow Light is engineered for smart indoor gardening. With the App Dimming Control feature, you are allowed to control and monitor your grow light setup entirely through a smartphone app, both locally and remotely. Additionally, it showcases excellent performance in heat dissipation as well. 


  • PPFD: 255-1423 μmol/m²/s (depending on how high you hang the grow lights)
  • Average PPE: 2.8 μmol/J
  • Price: $439.99


  • The unique adjustable bar design allows for customizable light spread, ensuring optimal coverage for different-sized grow areas, particularly effective in 4x4 ft tents.
  • Operates with high energy efficiency, reducing electricity costs while maintaining a high output, making it both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  • This grow light for 4x4 grow tents is designed to minimize heat buildup, which helps maintain the longevity of the LEDs and boost cooling by 30%.


  • The app dimming control can sometimes be unstable or lose connection. 

MIGRO ARAY 4x4 500W Grow Light


After two commercial-level LED grow lights for 4x4 grow tents, here comes one lighting solution tailored to the needs of general growers. Designed to be a foldable grow light, the MIGRO ARAY 4x4 keeps compact and flexible in the meantime. What’s more, the lighting performance won’t fail you thanks to its high PPF efficacy.  


  • PPFD: 532 µmols/m2/sec on average 
  • Average PPE: 2.7 µmol/s per watt
  • Price: $475.00


  • Similar to SE7000, the MIGRO ARAY 4x4 features a light bar design that ensures even and uniform light distribution across your grow tent. This ensures consistent light levels throughout the canopy, minimizing variations in PPFD between the outer and inner regions of your plants.
  • The ARAY growth light spectrum, including blue, green, and red, is designed to cater to the entire growth cycle of plants. It fosters compact and dense early vegetative growth and, during the flowering stage, stimulates vigorous growth with a rich concentration of flavonoids and terpenes. 
  • As the name suggests, this grow light is ideally suited for 4x4 grow tents or similar-sized cultivation areas. Its optimized light output matches the dimensions of a 4x4 grow room. 


  • The price is somehow awkward for grow lights of this quality - you can either buy a similar one at a lower price or budget up to buy a more powerful LED grow light. In short, it’s not the most budget-effective option. 

Growers Choice ROI E420 420W LED Grow Light 

Growers choice LED grow light

The Growers Choice ROI E420 LED Grow Light is another foldable LED light bar design. Remarkably versatile, it can be hung as close as six inches from the canopy or raised up to 24 inches to adapt to your specific growth needs. As one of the best LED grow lights for 4x4 tents, it has earned its reputation for harnessing the power of a 3K full PAR spectrum. 


  • PPFD: 1090 µmols/m2/sec on average 
  • Average PPE: 2.6 µmol/s per watt
  • Price: $699


  • Among the best grow lights for 4x4 tent, the Growers Choice ROI E420 consumes only 420 wattage in usage, producing less heat, which can be advantageous in maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels in your grow space
  • The ROI E420 LED light bar is highly compatible with third-party light controllers, so you can easily switch and dim your fixture to unlock its full potential and achieve optimal lighting conditions. 
  • The full PAR spectrum includes the entire range of wavelengths that plants use for photosynthesis, fueling their growth, nutrient uptake, and overall vitality.


  • The price is beyond average for medium-sized gardens & cultivation tents.
  • The PPE is slightly lower than other LED grow lights listed above. 

How Many Plants Grow in a 4x4 Tent

The number of plants you can grow in a 4x4 tent depends on several factors, including the size of the plants, the growing method, and your local regulations. However, if you're growing small to medium-sized plants, such as cannabis, herbs, or vegetables, you can typically fit between 4 to 9 plants in a 4x4 tent. This allows each plant to have sufficient space for growth and access to light.


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