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What is the Ideal Temperature to Grow Cannabis?

Are you curious about the best temperatures for different stages of your cannabis plant’s growth? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Growing cannabis is becoming increasingly popular. As the legalization of cannabis continues across North America, cannabis enthusiasts are increasingly interested in growing their cannabis plants. Not only is it an enjoyable hobby and pastime, but it also allows you to grow more affordable cannabis and perhaps exciting new strains that local dispensaries don’t stock.

One important part of growing cannabis is controlling the temperature. Too hot, and your plants can die. Too cold, and they can die. It may sound very dramatic, but controlling the temperature inside your grow room is important for achieving a high-quality yield.
In the following article, we’ll take a closer look at how temperature influences your cannabis plants during the three growth stages and how you can help control temperature. 

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What Role Do Temperature and Photosynthesis Play?

Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants utilize sunlight to synthesize nutrients from carbon dioxide and water. The process of photosynthesis is positively affected by temperature up to a point. However, if you get your plants too hot, it can start to harm your plant, negatively affecting growth and ultimately can kill your plant.
However, if you don’t give your plants enough heat, it can negatively affect them. They sound like fussy children, but once you get your grow room dialed in, your plants will thrive, and the quality and yield from your plants will be greatly increased.

The Ideal Temperature for Cannabis Per Growth Stage?

Below we have outlined the best temperatures for the three most important stages of cannabis growth. This will give you an approximate temperature guideline and help you to monitor your grow room temperatures.
1.Seedlings and Vegetative Stage – The best cannabis seedling and vegetative temperatures are between 70-85°F or 20-30°C.
2.Flowering Stage – The best flowering cannabis temperatures are between 65-80°F or 18-26°C.

What Happens When the Temperature is Too Hot or Too Cold?

When the temperature inside your grow room gets too cold, your plant’s metabolism slows down. This fall in metabolism can negatively affect the growth rate of your plant and also its buds. As a result, the root system won’t grow or perform like it should, which can leave your plant stunted because it’s not getting enough nutrients for healthy growth.
We like to think that cannabis plants love hot environments, but the truth is that too much heat could actually be hurting your cannabis plants, not helping them. If your plants are exposed to excessive heat, the plant and leaves can start to change to a yellow color, and leaves can droop or wilt.
When your cannabis plant is exposed to excessive heat during the flowering stage, rather than concentrate on growing buds bigger, it can actually grow more buds that are much smaller. This is commonly referred to as fox tailing.

How Can You Control Your Grow Room Temperature?

Too Hot – The lights you use in your grow room generate a certain amount of heat. Too much heat can stress your plants and negatively affect both the quality and the yield. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to lower the temperature in your grow room.

  • Use a dehumidifier inside your grow room.
  • Add an air conditioner to your grow room.
  • Try growing strains that are more conducive to additional heat.
  • Upgrade your exhaust system to remove additional heat.
  • Adjust the dimmer knob to a lower value.

Too Cold – If your plants are too cold, then it can place undue stress on them and affect them through each stage of growth. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to increase the temperature of your grow room and make your plants more comfortable.

  • During the seedling stage, you can utilize a heat mat to raise the temperature below your seedlings.
  • Adding additional insulation can be added to your grow room. Also, consider higher-quality insulation which performs better than cheaper insulation.
  • Try growing cannabis strains that perform better at lower temperatures.
  • Keep the roots of the plants evaluated from the cold floor.
  • Don’t allow excessive hot air to blow onto your plant, as it can burn the leaves.


As you can see from above, temperature plays a huge role in how well your cannabis plants will grow. So if you can identify how hot or cold your grow room is through the different stages of growth, you’ll be able to influence how well your plants grow. More importantly, if something is wrong, you’ll be able to take the right steps to correct it.
If you have any questions about the ideal temperature for your grow room, or would like to learn more, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our friendly and professional team is always happy to help!

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