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Spider Farmer Brand New G Series Released

Spider Farmer Brand New G Series Released

August 5th, 2022/Spider Farmer G series officially launched

  • Model: G1000/ G860/G300
  • The professional BridgLux diode layout makes the PPFD breakthrough 2000 a reality.
  • Cultivate the best plants with less investment and be the most professional grower.

With much anticipation, Spider Farmer released its new G series this summer, which includes three models, the G1000, G860 and G300. Spider Farmer has previously released several series of high-quality LED grow lights, so what makes the new G Series different?

Spider Farmer G Series

Let’s Explore The Impressive Features Of The G Series

Before the G series was born, Spider Farmer did serious market research. As a result, each feature of the G series reflects the product’s high efficiency, affordability and meets every need of cultivation. The features are as follows.

Efficient Performance Cost Effective

The G Series is considered the best commercial LED grow light for under $1,000 and can reach a maximum efficiency of 2.9umol/j, which will increase your crop yield by 20%. Growers invest a lot of money in equipment before growing in order to ensure the crop harvest. Choosing a good grow light is key, and the G series LED grow lights are affordable and efficient, making them the best choice for both personal and commercial grows.

Uniform Distribution Scientific Design

Spider Farmer adopts BridgeLux chip for the first time, with scientific chip distribution to keep the PPFD value within a uniform range, ensuring that the full-spectrum led grow light is evenly illuminated in the canopy. Many growers believe that the Samsung chip led plant grow lights are the best. This is not the case. The merits of grow lights depend on a number of factors, and the final yield is the best proof.

G Series High Efficiency

Fast Heat Dissipation Outstanding Cooling System

The led grow light assembly consists of an advanced radiation system that dissipates heat quickly and extends the life of the light. Moreover, the removable power supply reduces temperature fluctuations in your grow space. Temperature is a very critical factor in growing. Especially in the hot summer months, temperature control is a challenge. If the grow lights produce less heat and dissipate heat faster, the temperature of the growing space can be better controlled and the plants can grow in a good environment.

Easy Installation Flexible Operation

The G Series LED grow lights utilize a new embedded buckle design that allows for easy installation of the lights without the use of any tools. During operation, the dimming function and daisy chain feature help growers to dim and run multiple lights simultaneously. If it goes into fallow, the grower can also easily remove the light bar and store it in a corner.
The advantages of the G Series LED grow lights go far beyond that, and you’ll find more after using them.

Spider Farmer G Series Dimming Daisy Chain

Next, Explore The Details Of Each Light In The G Series

The above is the introduction of the characteristics of the entire series. Now let’s explore the details of each lamp in the G series. As mentioned above, there are three models of G series lights, namely G1000, G860 and G300. Let’s go through the details of the G1000 first.

Spider Farmer G1000W Dimmable Full Spectrum CO2 LED Grow Light

The most distinctive feature of the G1000W full spectrum led grow light is that it has 4910 bridgeLux chips, which are densely and uniformly installed on 10 light bars. Because of this, the G1000W has a uniform and stable PPFD value of 1700-2000umol/s in the plant canopy. 2.9umol/j high efficiency is also one of the features of the G1000W, increasing the harvest for growers by 20%. Combined with the characteristics of the 1000W grow light, it is ideal for use when adding CO2 to commercial grows.

Spider Farmer G Series G1000W

Spider Farmer G860W Cost-effective Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The G860W full spectrum grow light is a medium-sized light with a light bar design that is well suited for commercial grows and personal grows. With 2,968 BridgeLux chips mounted on the handle, the G860W led grow light achieves a PPFD of 1700 umol/s through dense chip distribution, ensuring that plants are evenly illuminated and thrive. As an outstanding commercial LED grow light, the 860 high wattage is also matched by its 2.8 umol/j efficiency, enabling growers to get an additional 20% of the harvest.

Spider Farmer G Series G860W

Spider Farmer G300W Cost-effective Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The G300W covers a 3×3 planting area, making it the best choice for personal growing. Not only that, the BridgeLux chip brings more light to the plants, 828.8 umol/s evenly covers every corner so they can thrive. High efficiency is also a bonus for the G300W, with 2.75 umol/j ensuring plants get a good harvest. The bar light design and removable power supply also provide a cool growing environment for the plants.

spider farmer g series g300w

Each product in the G series has been introduced, and if you are interested in learning more, you can click on the product links to see more details. Now, the G-Series is available in the US, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia.
It’s better to be impressed than to act. Buy now!

7 thoughts on “Spider Farmer Brand New G Series Released

  1. Anthony Sylvester says:

    Wow!!! Just when you thought Spiderfarmer made the SE efficient, they go above and beyond to create an even more efficient light 😍

  2. mjs1717 says:

    What’s the smallest size tent that the g300w can go in?

    1. hello, it’s 2’x2′ tent.

  3. Marco says:

    Previsto algum modelo para 4×2 nesta versão G

  4. Jeremiah Thompson says:

    What’s the difference between the G series and the SE series?

    1. celia says:

      G series features Bridgelux diodes, SE series features Samsung diodes

  5. Christopher gallais says:

    No available in europe for now .. will wait about it ^^

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