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Spider Farmer® 30X-60X Jewelers Loupe Magnifier With LED Light

Discover the hidden secrets of your plants with Spider Farmer's 30X-60X Magnifier. This essential tool allows you to inspect every detail of your plants, enabling easy identification of potential issues like pests, fungi, and diseases. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a curious enthusiast, this magnifier is a must-have to closely examine trichomes and ensure the health and vitality of your green companions. Elevate your gardening experience with precision and clarity - get your Spider Farmer Magnifier today!

Spider Farmer® 6-inch Clip On Fan for Grow Tents

Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $35.99.
Why Choose Our Clip-on Fan?
  • Strengthened Stems: Our innovative Clip-on Fan is designed to replicate the gentle breeze found in nature, allowing your plants to develop stronger stems over time through natural bending and swaying.
  • Enhanced Protection: Ensure healthier growth and abundant yields with our Clip-on Fan, providing reliable defense against mold, bud rot, and white powdery mildew.
  • Pest Resistance: Keep your plants thriving and free from common pests like fungus gnats and spider mites, thanks to the added protection offered by our Clip-on Fan.
  • Improved Growth Conditions: Take control of heat and humidity levels in your growing environment, leading to accelerated growth and impressive harvests.
User Manual

Spider Farmer® 6L Cool Mist Humidifier for Plants

If you notice a low humidity level, it is crucial to take prompt action to improve it. An inadequate amount of moisture in the air can result in a slowdown in growth and reduced efficiency of photosynthesis Our high-efficient humidifier is designed to enhance your planting environment with ease. User Manual

Spider Farmer® 8-Inch Inline Fan with Smart Controller

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High Efficacy: Powerful performance at 807 CFM to create optimal ventilation for your grow space; PWM controlled EC fan w/

Spider Farmer® 8-Inch Inline Fan with Speed Controller

Original price was: $169.99.Current price is: $144.99.

Spider Farmer® SE4500 430W LED Grow Light Dimmable Full Spectrum for Veg Flower

Samsung LM301B Diodes PPE: 2.8 umol/J Coverage: Flower Coverage: 2′X4′, Veg Coverage: 3′X5′ Dimension: 45.31''X22.83''X3.43''=115.08x58.4x8.7cm Grow Tent Compatible: 2'X4' Recommended Fan Size: 4-Inch Optional Controller: Spider Farmer Controller (Bring your indoor garden to the next level with new-age automation)

Spider Farmer® Seed Starting Trays 2 Pack

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Say goodbye to flimsy and unreliable seedling trays and upgrade to the superior quality of Spider Farmer Seed Starting Tray today!Spider Farmer Seed starting Tray - the perfect solution for transplanting seedlings in your garden with ease and efficiency! Crafted with flexible silicone walls, our tray offers unparalleled protection to the roots and soil, ensuring the integrity of your precious plants. With its bendable material, releasing soil has never been simpler! Our team has conducted rigorous testing to ensure that our garden trays can withstand the most extreme conditions.

Spider Farmer® SF600 growshelves Indoor led grow light and Metal Plant Stand with Plant Trays

Package include: 3 x SF600, 3-tiers grow shelf, 3 x water-tight trays, User Manual This stand is made of high-grade iron with a moisture-resistant powder coating, ensuring its durability. The weight and durability make it a testament to exceptional quality. Textured and leak-proof trays provide a secure and hygienic environment for your plants. Installation takes under 20 minutes, and the stand has four removable wheels for effortless movement.