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HPS Light vs LED Light for cannabis grow

hps vs led

In recent years, LED Grow lights have taken a place in the cannabis lighting world, At first, the LEDs seemed unable to accurately locate and execute the necessary part of the spectrum. Not only did they seem to be underperforming, but they also paid a higher upfront cost. Meanwhile, as long been the industry standard, the HPS system seems more reliable and has been tested in the agricultural industry for many years.
However, with the passage of time and the further improvement of technology, LED has caught up with and surpassed the performance of HPS/MH and similar products.
Let’s have a further understanding of HPS and LED grow light.

HPS(High Pressure Sodium) LIGHT FEATURES


● HPS lights can produce an intense amount of light, which can increase the flowering of cannabis.
● The initial start-up cost of HPS plant grow lights is lower.
● HPS is usually used in the reproductive or flowering stage of growth. If high-pressure sodium lamps are used during the vegetative phase, plants will usually grow faster.


● HPS grow lights require more power and are less energy efficient.
● Setting the optimal temperature can be challenging, particularly in confined spaces.
● HPS grow lights have a shorter shelf life in comparison to LED lights.
● The strong lighting of the HPS makes adequate airflow and ventilation essential.
● In the long run, HPS lights will significantly increase costs.



● LED grow lights are more energy-efficient. They produce the same amount of light as HPS lamps but consume much less energy. According to market research, LED lights consume 90% less power than HPS plant lights

● LED grow lights do not generate as much heat as HPS lights, which can reduce costs to a certain extent.
● LED plant growth lights are smaller than HPS lights, which can maximize the growth space.
● LED grow lights have an impressive shelf life.
● Vertical Growing and Dimmability.


● LED plant growth lights require a higher upfront investment. However, in the long run, they can reduce costs because of their long shelf life.
● Compared with HPS, LED grow lights may not generate enough heat

Which option is better?

Should you use HPS or LED grow lights? Both options have their advantages. Pros and cons. However, unless you are growing in cold temperatures, it is best to use LED lights. There are more advantages. LED lights can provide long-term savings and energy efficiency, and it does not require additional equipment. Although the upfront cost of LED lights is indeed often higher than that of HPS lights, you may be shocked by the affordable, high-quality options. The market has expanded enough to allow you to find a variety of options. With long-term savings, investing in high-quality LED lighting systems is the only way to go. Whether you need LED lights for large-scale planting or small-scale operations, Spider Farmer can meet your requirements.

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