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Why Choose LED Grow Light for indoor grow?

The raising up and fast-growing of the Indoor growing brings a vivid spring to the LED grow light area. But still, whether choose the traditional grow light or the newly coming out LED grow light has become a hot topic not only among the growers but also in many other related industries. Once in the Wired Magazine, it mentioned: “LED offer two main advantages: “One, they give off specific wavelengths of light that can be fine-tuned to the plant and its stage of growth… And two, they use way less energy—up to 60 percent less than traditional bulbs, by some accounts.” Here comes three main points about the advantages of the LED grow light, organized from the normal comment of different growers and growing consultants about the discussion on the LED grow light and traditional grow light.

No.1 Satisfying Cost Performance:

For Indoor growers, the light that plant needed for growing is brutally important that makes the electricity cost a huge expense every month. Many growers turn to the LED grow light because of that reason. According to the data contrast made by some growing consultants, under the same applying condition, the LED grow light can save up to 50% to 60% electricity compared to the traditional grow lights.

 And meanwhile, there exists a point that may be ignored easily-the bulbs replace fee and labor arranging fee. As we all know, the old version grows lights have to replace the bulbs for a certain period of time. For small growers that cost is not that obvious while this cost is totally different to the commercial growers. It will cost them a lot. So applying the LED grow lights instead of the old lights seems to become a wiser choice for the canopy growers in the long run.

No.2 Higher yield and more scientific light compensation for the growing with led grow light

Although the LED grows light and consumes less power, it has a higher useful light output for the plants. Now that almost every LED grow lights brand launched full spectrum lights which means more advanced light for the plants’ growth. And resulting in more harvest. Taking the red light in the LED grow light as an example, more reg light will highly stimulate the bloom of the plants and eventually produce more.

No.3  Environmental friendly

While saving money on materials, LED growers are also benefiting the environment.

With their quicker burnout rate, not only are HID, HPS and fluorescent lamps adding more mass to the landfill, but they’re also adding toxins including mercury.         

And, not only is the life cycle of traditional lights shorter, the large and fragile lamps are also easier to break during storage and handling, causing more waste and releasing yet more toxins.    

As we see all around us, the waste adds up. In the case of fluorescent, you need a lot of those “inexpensive” bulbs per fixture: with a max of 54 watts, a grower might need 10-20 bulbs for a 4’x4′ grow bed! Not to mention the usage of the one who has much wider growing are.

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  1. contactrickwright says:

    Very happy

  2. contactrickwright says:

    I’m getting over 1000 Mols to each plant
    More I expected
    Using SF 4000 18” DWC

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