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Father’s Day Flash Sale- SF1000 Bundle

Original price was: $275.99.Current price is: $179.99.

Spider Farmer 3″ Grinder

Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $12.99.

Spider Farmer 4 Inch/6 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor Control for Inline Ducting Fan

NOTE: Need to fill the carbon manually AirFlow: 4-Inch:205CFM   6-Inch:402CFM Package Included: 1 xCarbon Filter, 1xPre-Filter . (The belts are not included in the package.)

Spider Farmer 5’x10’x6.5′ 150cm x 300cm x 200cm Indoor Grow Tent

Accommodate 14-18 plants with safety and security by utilizing a 5x10ft grow tent. This tent size is ideally suited for two 1000 watt LED grow lights, ensuring optimal lighting for your plants Would you like to purchase any other products that are compatible with this tent? View More>>> User Manual

Spider Farmer SE3000 300W LED Grow Light + 3’x3’x6′ (90x90x180cm)Indoor Grow Tent + 4-Inch Inline Fan

Original price was: $537.97.Current price is: $437.99.
Package Include: SE3000 300W led grow light-1pc, 3'x3'x6'(90x90x180cm) grow tent-1pc, 4-Inch inline fan-1pc, perfect for begineers.

Spider Farmer SE5000 Led Grow Light + 4’x4’x6.5′ 120cm x 120cm x 200cm Indoor Grow Tent + 6-Inch Inline Fan kits with Speed Controller

Original price was: $879.97.Current price is: $735.99.
SE5000 User Manual Spectrum 660-665nm,2800-3200K,4800-5000K PPF 1333umol/s Coverage Max Coverage:4x4ft Lumen 87685Lm±5%@AC120V 87270Lm±5%@AC240V 87094Lm±5%@AC277V Power draw 480W±5%@AC120-277V Light Size 34′′X34′′X3.5′′

Spider Farmer® 16″ Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer

Original price was: $149.99.Current price is: $109.99.
Package Include: 16“ Bowl Trimmer + Blade X 4 + Small Scissors X 1 +Pruning shears X1 + Gloves X 1 ( 4 * Blade=2 * Straight Blade +1*X-shape+ 1*Serrated Blade ) The task of trimming and removing foliage from plants during harvest can be incredibly tiring and consume a significant amount of time. Utilizing a bud bowl trimmer, however, can cut down the trimming time and enable you to concentrate on more pressing matters.

Spider Farmer® 16L Cool Mist Humidifier for Plants

Elevate your cultivation with the 16L Humidifier – delivering efficiency, capacity, and precision for your large-scale planting needs. Versatile Application:
  • Tailored for large tent cultivation and commercial plant projects.
  • Ideal for creating the perfect growing environment in both extensive tent setups and commercial cultivation spaces.
Impressive Capacity and Precision:
  • Expandable hose disperses mist to the corner of the tent for thorough coverage.
  • Four adjustable mist levels with a maximum humidification capacity of 1400ML/H.
  • Independent sensor for precise humidity control.
Note: Ensure the humidity sensor is NOT placed near the mist outlet for accurate readings. User Manual