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Spider Farmer® 16L Cool Mist Humidifier for Plants

Elevate your cultivation with the 16L Humidifier – delivering efficiency, capacity, and precision for your large-scale planting needs. Versatile Application:
  • Tailored for large tent cultivation and commercial plant projects.
  • Ideal for creating the perfect growing environment in both extensive tent setups and commercial cultivation spaces.
Impressive Capacity and Precision:
  • Expandable hose disperses mist to the corner of the tent for thorough coverage.
  • Four adjustable mist levels with a maximum humidification capacity of 1400ML/H.
  • Independent sensor for precise humidity control.
Note: Ensure the humidity sensor is NOT placed near the mist outlet for accurate readings. User Manual

Spider Farmer® 6L Cool Mist Humidifier for Plants

If you notice a low humidity level, it is crucial to take prompt action to improve it. An inadequate amount of moisture in the air can result in a slowdown in growth and reduced efficiency of photosynthesis Our high-efficient humidifier is designed to enhance your planting environment with ease. User Manual