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2024 Spider Farmer Glow30 Full Spectrum Supplemental LED Light Bars

Original price was: $69.99.Current price is: $55.99.
  • Four 13"LED bars designed for inter-canopy or supplemental lighting to boost plant yields.
  • Provides expanded light coverage to areas your primary grow lights have trouble reaching.
  • 360° rotating spacers on the clips allow you to adjust the light direction.
  • Features a 7-day programmable digital timer for electrical outlets.
Length of wires at both ends of a single light bar: 70cm/25.56'' Package contents: 4x Light Bars ( 7.5 watt/Bar) 4x Fixing Clips 1x Backed Adhesive Velcro 4x Bondage Strap 1x Digital Timer 1X User Manual (Check More)