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Why led grow light expensive?

LED Grow lights can be a great investment for those who wants to convert indoor gardening into profitable business. Even you don’t have the right climate for the plants, use of grow lights can offer them optimum environment for perfect growth with high yield results. These lights to grow plants sound like the perfect item for your indoor garden but are they worth it?

Also, why these LED grow lights are so expensive? Let’s find out in this following article!

It’s hard to get started for you as a passionate gardener to invest in led grow lights if the cost of them is high. These lights are expensive because of the research and development cost that goes while producing them to match the industry standards for healthy growth of plants and veggies. Although the initial cost is high, but with multiple advantages they have, it’s the best choice to invest in them for long term benefits.

  • LED grow light are exclusively designed for specific purpose, and they typically last twice as long as HPS or other bulbs & produces very low amount of heat as compared to HID or HPS light bulbs.
  • These lights deliver perfect frequencies of light and color spectrum to promote the optimum growth of plants in healthy environment that results in high yield.
  • Better quality components that last up to 10 years are used in the production of Spider Farmer LED grow lights that does increases their initial cost but beneficial in terms of long-life span with reduced or negligible maintenance cost.

Research for manufacturing these lights not only focused on technology but also into the vital components like lens and the housing of the lights. Lens of the grow lights is most important part of them because it can focus the light on a point or can also spread them further to cover wide areas.

Therefore, a combination of diffuse beam and focused beam needs to be done to achieve the most beneficial light for a certain space with different spectrums and intensities. All these attention to details while manufacturing the perfect masterpiece of led grow light cost the manufacturer time and money to deliver a product that will meet the expectations of grower.

To get the premium quality led grow lights purchaser is willing to pay a higher price for a product with high perceived value & long life span.r mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

High standard led grow light made up of premium components are certainly expensive when you are starting up your indoor garden that could be barrier for some passionate gardeners who are not familiar with their long-term benefits. However, with proper research and ingenuity, you can find a solution under your perspective budgets that will allow you to get started with your successful indoor growing project.

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2 thoughts on “Why led grow light expensive?

  1. stang1238 says:

    yes but there is a payback

  2. dougbream says:

    Considering the utilities savings and not having to replace bulbs, the upfront cost will be offset in no time!!

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