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Spider Farmer® SF2000 200W LED Grow Light With Dimmer Knob

·Power Draw:200w    ·PPE:2.7umol/J    ·Yield:2.5g/W

Spider Farmer® SF2000 LED Grow Light+2’x4′ Grow Tent+Inline Fan Combo with Speed Controller

Kit Includes: 1 × SF2000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 1 × 24″ x 47″ x 71″ Grow Tent 1

Spider Farmer® SF7000 650W Foldable Led Grow Light

·Power Draw:650W    ·PPE:2.8umol/J · Foldable Canada/UK/EU customer will receive green version

Spider Farmer® Upgraded SE5000 480W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


Samsung LM301B · 480W · Extension Cord · UV/IR