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How To Choose The Best Grow Tent Kits – Beginner’ s Guide

If you are used to indoor gardens, you may have realized how important having grow tent kits. But this reality may be different for beginners who are new to the idea of grow tents and kits and how they work. If this is you, we have prepared this guide to introduce you to the world of grow tent kits for beginners.

Why do growers need grow tent kits? How to choose the best indoor growing tent kits? Read on to find answers to these questions and more.

Why Should Farmers Buy Grow Tent Kits For Plants?

As a cultivar, you don’t want to end up with crops struggling to get adequate lighting or aeration at any growth stage.

Instead, you want to sequester aromas, promote your plant health, and maximize yields. The right indoor grow tents can help you achieve these and many more.

Let’s look at some of the major reasons you should grow your plants in grow tent and kits;

1.Improved growing environment and plant growth efficiency.

Growing your plants using grow tents and kits means you have absolute control over your growing environment. They are complete systems – all the essential growth requirements are optimal, ensuring an enhanced plant growth efficiency.

Grow tents also allow growers to assess performance and adjust to get the maximum plant output. You can also introduce a host of accessories to enhance their growth environments. In all, you only need to put in minimum efforts to get the best out of your crops, irrespective of the outdoor weather.

The excellent design of the Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kit, with good growing abilities and practices, sets you up for successful cultivation as a cultivar.

2.Improved temperature control.

Yes, extreme temperatures won’t kill your plants, but they’ll sure limit their growth. The best growth tent kits offer a controlled environment where you can adjust the temperature and humidity levels to establish optimal growing conditions for your plants.

An efficient combination of lamps, thermometer, and hygrometer in Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kits helps you effectively monitor and control the temperature.

3.Better ventilation.

A good plant growing environment requires a sound ventilation system, and using a grow tent makes this easier to achieve. Cultivars often adopt air conditioners, humidifiers, exhaust fans, and circulation fans to create proper ventilation and a constant supply of fresh air.

Spider Farmer grow tent kits for beginners come with powerful, quiet inline fans that are easy to install and use. You can rest assured of a strong airflow and adequate air circulation in your growing environment.

4.Odor-proof and insect-proof.

External odors resulting from the negative air pressure of the sealed space cannot make their way into the home, provided the tent’s inbuilt carbon filter is in place. The mesh-covered intake holes in these grow tents and kits also prevent bugs.

The well-constructed grow tents from Spider Farmer are fitted with efficient carbon filters that keep out external smells from getting into the tent and a removable viewing mesh screen that keeps bugs out.

How do you choose the right to grow tent kits?

Have you checked the market recently? You would be surprised at the number of grow tent kits on sale. These devices come in all forms and sizes, and while this can be a great advantage, it also makes it tricky to choose the best out of the lot. This section discusses choosing an all-in-one grow tent kit that easily gets you from plantation to harvest as a beginner.

Here are the factors to consider when choosing the best grow tent kits for beginners:

1.Specifications – Size, Material, Frame, and Ports

The first step when shopping for a grow tent kit is to know the specifications of the tent you are looking for. To do this, you must correctly ascertain the size of your space, how big you expect your plants to grow, what equipment you want to have in your space, and the growth system you wish to adopt.

Indoor grow tents come in different fabrics. Polyester or nylon has proven to be the best materials for indoor plant cultivation, with their strength, durability, and easy maintenance. You can estimate the thickness of the material by checking the “D” rating of the tent. The higher the “D” rating, the thicker the tent.

Spider Farmer grow tent kit

Spider Farmer grow tent kit, all euipment in one package.

The strongest grow tent kits must have a sturdy frame that supports both the crops and the equipment inside. You should also prioritize grow tent kits with useful ports or vents. These openings are required to connect your internal systems and equipment to external electricity, automation machines, and ventilation systems.

NB: Your ideal space estimation must leave room for your movement within the space, except you will be tending to the garden from outside.

2.LED Grow Light

LED grow lights are important components of any grow tent kit. That’s why you must prioritize the type of LED grow light in your potential grow tent kits. What determines how good a LED grow light is includes the chip brand and model, the PPFD map, the spectrum, and the cooling.

High-quality chips will deliver maximum quality, efficiency, and light output. Unlike inferior chips, these high-quality LED chips found in the best LED grow lights create optimal light wavelengths required for optimal maximum crop performance. Epistar, Bridgelux, Osram, and Samsung make the best LED grow light chips.

You should also consider the uniformity of the PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density). By checking the map, you can detect if a LED grow light has an uneven or even PPFD. Poor quality LED grow lights often lead to uneven PPFD, adversely affecting your crop performance. The optimal PPFD for the seedling stage is 100-300 μmol/m2/s, 400-600 μmol/m2/s for the vegetative stage, and 800-1000 μmol/m2/s for the flowering stage.

The Grow Light Spectrum is another important determinant factor of how good a LED grow light is. Plants responds to a different grow light spectrum, and the best response comes from wavelengths just outside the PAR range. Therefore, it’s best to go for full spectrum LEDs that can use both ultra-violet wavelengths of 100-400nm and far-red wavelengths of 780-850nm.

3. Inline Fans

If you wonder why inline fans are so important, they play the role of natural winds in your indoor grow tent kits and setups. In addition, inline fans are crucial to effective ventilation, which your plants require for optimal performance. For instance, inline fans keep plants breathing, maintain the temperature of the tent, and keep the humidity level at the best levels.

Having inline fans in place means there will be regular air exchange. Otherwise, internal temperatures will rise due to the heat radiating from the lights and affect your plant’s health. You also need adequate airflow to keep pathogens out of your growing environment – a need inline fans effectively meet. You can also count on your inline fans to keep external odors out of your tent.

NB: How long you keep your inline fans on in your grow room will depend on the plants’ dark/light cycle.


Grow tent kits for beginners with the right accessories can improve your plant output and enhance the overall growing experience. For instance, having trellis plant netting, grow bags, hygrometer, and thermometer makes it easier to set up an optimal growing environment for your plants.

Choose The Right High-Quality Grow Tent Kits

You can only get the best out of your grow tent kits if you buy high-quality products. That said, choosing the best from a long list of options can be tricky. We recommend you go with brands with a proven track record of producing best-in-class grow tent kits for beginners.

At Spider Farmer, we are known for our rich professional grow tent kits collection. We offer a wide range of grow tents and kits of different makes and models to meet the varying demands of our clients. With us, you don’t have to break the bank to get the best grow tent kits for your indoor use. And, no matter your budget, we always have something for you.

6 thoughts on “How To Choose The Best Grow Tent Kits – Beginner’ s Guide

  1. Lyle says:

    Hi! I live in Virginia and we are allowed to grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household now and I am new to the process. I would like to know what size tent and light system I should be using to start my crop of 4 plants. Would you be able to assist? I watched the You Tube video from Albo Pepper talking about your grow lights which I understand are superior to other brands and would like some advice on what size tent, lights, filter, etc. I should start out with that will not make me discouraged.

    1. Spider Farmer LED says:

      Hi Lyle, for 4 plants I suggest you to use SE3000+ 3X3 grow tent+ 4 inch fan combo with temperature and humidity controller, or you can buy SF2000 complete grow tent kit, it contains a lot of things that beginners need, if you still have any questions, please let me know I know

  2. J rozine says:

    I’m also a newbie looking to grow 3-4 plants and I’m looking to buy a grow tent package. Do you have phone number I can call. I’d rather talk to a human so I make sure I’m getting what I want. I’m not real good with PC’s or internet lol.

    1. hi, you can call or text +1 (840) 977-6768‬.

  3. I didn’t see your specials on a complete 3×3 grow kits

    1. hello, you can purchase the SE3000 + 3X3 grow tent + 4 inch filter kits

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