Spider Farmer SF Series Led Grow Lights User Manual

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  • Chris on

    Does the sf4000 have dimmer switch

  • Tim TESH on

    Can the power cords Daisey chained or do you have to run to its own plugin

  • Aaron on

    Hey guys, I am currently testing a 4 panel and a two panel light to be used in a much larger health Canada cannabis cultivation. My question is about cleaning.
    Already in test grows with manuka,aloe and corn we have small particles of dust and some grow media ( small) transported from the fan and adhear to the silicone diodes
    How do you suggest we clean the silicone side..imagine it had a non water soluble thc leaf hit the silicone…
    Can we use 99% alcohol and a rag?
    A rag will scratch the silicone…
    We require SOPs fpr our company to clean the fixture we choose anf we are having time finding a way tontclean these lights
    Thank you

  • Todd Walker on

    Does the sf 4000 come with a dimmer switch?

  • Ken on

    4000 question. Trying to determine effective depth of canopy.
    4×4×80 tent, 18” from canopy top can allow 24”, 30”, density etc…of good enough par readings. Or what’s par readings at 60”?

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