Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Still in Week 4
but i made a mistake while Uploading the Pictures,
and added a week
They look totally different, they are strong and growing like crazy
They look very strong and healthy

The Light is like Daylight on a sunny Day...I could take pictures with my darkest Filter
to show a natural Green of the Girls
So i added a few more Pictures taken with the darkest Filter on the Camera
I am very convinced of the Lights

Next week the "Hardware" and the Plants move in the Bigger Tent,
because the Light is built for more Space

Week 6 

As soon as they are moved to the bigger Tent iam going to send them Into Flower
The new Lights are doing a great Job, as you can see in the Pictures.

Tuesday, i did some training on the Girls they grow very nice and bushy


All Girls in that Stage went today in the "Flowering Tent"
They are all same Age
I switched into 12/12
I changed Setup and The Spiderfarmer "SF-2000" went in the bigger Tent
now they ae in the Right Sized Tent
Giving Light to 6 Plants

All Girls got their first " Preflowering Feeding "
In adding "Organic Bloom Liquid", and " Fast Buds"
Up to here everything works fine, girls look happy

Week 7

Friday, August 9th.

Big Things happened in the last few Days
On wedenesdy they moved in the Bigger Tent ( same Light)
I switched to 12/12, and they got their first "Preflowering Feeding"

They were growing " Like a Boss" doubled in Size again .

Flowering-Tent Setup

60x120x180 Growtent
Spiderfarmer " SF-2000" LED Grow Light
2x Secret Jardin Oscillation Fans
9l Airpots

Week 8


The Cindarellas had a good Week,
Growing like Sweethearts, looking very Nice and Green
Theyve got a Feeding today

The Colour of them in Nature is much Greener than in the Pictures, the Lights are so Bright
The Spiderfarmer -LED doing a great Job,
Lights are penetrating very Good, i see no Light Defiencys/ or Excess

RH/ Temperature are Optimal ( VPD 1.03)

Week 9

The C-99 Girls were shooting the Last Days
so they are a little LImegreen
I gave them a Feeding today
They are looking very Good and building nice Flowers

The Lights are working Great iam very Happy

Week 11

The c-99 were doing well, when i was on Vacation
Maybe alittle yellowing , but thats OK
They stretched alittle more and Flowers budded up

The SF2000 makes a great Job
Its not so easy because Bluedram is so tall, and the others are smaller.
Next Time i go with a more homogenous Group of Plants

Week 12


The C-99 Ladies doing well, Trichomes are still clear,
They are buddin up
Tomorrow they will get a Feeding
The Lights work very well,

Week 13


Harvest is near here too,
Girls smell very Nice grapefruit/ orange/ lime
Trichomes are Milky/ amber

She grts Humic acid in the waterings
Iam going to star to flush Tomorrow


Never before had such a sticky Harvest. Cindarella 99 is a lovely Strain.Easy to grow. And produces a good Amount on High Quality Flowers. Buds are dense and all over "sugar"