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Spider Farmer® G3000 Cost-effective Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY AND UNIFORM LIGHT: The Spider Farmer G3000 led grow light has a unique elongated light bar design that

Spider Farmer® SF1000 LED Grow Light With Dimmer Knob

·Power Draw:100w    ·PPE:2.5umol/J    ·Yield:2.5g/W

Spider Farmer® G8600 Cost-effective Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

MAXIMUM UNIFORMITY AND EFFICIENCY: The G8600 has a unique 8-bar LED grow light design that provides more uniform and comprehensive

Spider Farmer® SF600 74W Vegetable Grow Lights

HIGH LIGHT OUTPUT: The Spider Farmer SF600 vegetable grow lights use 384 Osram diodes to provide 5,000 lumens of output.

Spider Farmer® SF1000D Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Samsung Diodes

BETTER LIGHT PENETRATION: SF1000D full spectrum led grow light used SAMSUNGL M301B Diodes-the highest light output LED available at present,

Spider Farmer® Smart G12 Indoor Hydroponic Grow System

DIMMABLE & 24W LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION: The smart G12 hydroponic grow system with dimming is ideal for lighting plants at

Spider Farmer® SF2000 200W LED Grow Light With Dimmer Knob

·Power Draw:200w    ·PPE:2.7umol/J    ·Yield:2.5g/W



New Products From Spider Farmer

Spider Farmer 30W UV LED Grow Light Bar

What are the benefits of growing with UV light? Increase root mass; More branches, less stretch; Improve taste and smell; Create more potent plants; Increases resistance to insects, bacteria and fungi; Increases oils and resins; Reduced plant shock when transferred ourdoors; Speed up the germination process for starting seeds when grown indoors. How to use UV supplement light bar?
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