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Are LED Grow Lights a Fire Hazard?

Grow lights are great investment for setting up your own indoor garden but breakout of fire can be a biggest concern while setting up these electric-intensive equipment that does have potential to generate an immense amount of heat that may result into fire hazard.

  • Different types of Grow Light bulbs and their safety standards

    Traditional styles of grow lights like Halogen lights are still a major reason for fire breakout in residential areas due to huge amount of heat they can put off. But with advancement in technology and introduction of LEDs, the risk of fire is close to negligible in modern grow lights set up with Light Emitting Diodes.

  • The major type of grow lights are as follows:

  1. Metal halide lights
  2. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lights
  3. Fluorescent Lights
  4. Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights



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Out of all these, LEDs are the safest option for grow lights, which are not only produce less heat but also consume less energy too. The heat produced by them are not sufficient on their own to cause a fire.

LED grow lights are also less prone to shattering or breaking due to fluctuation in voltage because they operate on solid state electronics instead of hot filament.

These lights emit very less amount of heat and suitable to install in close proximity inside the grow tents. Due to the low power consumption, these lights are cost effective and efficient way to grow plants indoors. So, the low heat couples with low energy consumption and lower risk of fire have made these LED Grow Lights a safer and popular choice for growing plants and veggies or plants indoors or in grow tents kit setup.

Points need to consider for keeping your property safe from any fire hazard

1.The first and foremost step is to maintain the electrical equipment properly including wiring and replace the equipment when it deteriorates. It will be helpful to maintain the safe grow room environment by eliminating any possibility of fire threat.

2.To ensure the safety of your home and indoor plants, it is recommended to invest in quality lighting equipment from reputable manufacturer or brand like Spider Farmer.


3.Get rid of all unnecessary combustible material in your indoor garden or grow tents such as cardboard containers, dried plant material, and packaging pile up or paper.


Substandard or inferior quality grow lights poses high risk of fire. Please make an informed decision while choosing your lights, not only based on what is best fit for your plants but also check if the brand has all necessary certifications and following all international safety standards during the manufacturing process.

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5 thoughts on “Are LED Grow Lights a Fire Hazard?

  1. James says:

    What are the major and significant differences between the SE 7000 and the SF 7000 models. Thank you

    1. celia says:

      The SF7000 has a more affordable price and deep canopy penetration.
      The SE7000 designed for close proximity & multi-tier indoor plants. The bar-shaped design allows it to have a more uniform PPFD, better heat dissipation, and you can hang it lower.

  2. stang1238 says:

    not anymore, technology has come a long way
    i doubt it

  3. Glenn Anderson says:

    There both great options. I do personally prefer the SE as on the outer edges you can move the bars around some.

  4. dougbream says:

    Couldn’t imagine contendingwl with the heat from any other lights besides LEDs in a small tent. LED is the only way to go, for me

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