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Are Grow Tents Worth It?

are grow tent worth it

Even beginner cultivators know plants need light, water, and nutritious soil to flourish. But what about a grow tent? Sure, these tents make indoor cultivation convenient, but do they qualify as a “necessity?”

While you could grow plant without a grow tent, it’s not the ideal scenario. Plants grown in high-quality indoor grow tents enjoy many advantages over their non-tented brethren. Indeed, weed that’s grown in a tent is so superior that many pro cultivators now consider indoor grow tents an essential piece of equipment.


Why Do Some Cultivators Doubt Indoor Grow Tents?

If weed grow tents are so beneficial, why do many new cultivators hesitate to buy one?

  • Upfront Cost

Well, the most obvious issue most growers have is the upfront cost. If money is tight, you may feel like a grow tent is an “extra expenditure” that won’t significantly alter your yields. But the initial investment isn’t the only reason cultivators ask themselves, “Are grow tents worth it?”

  • Space Limitation And Firmness

Another issue some cultivators have is they don’t feel they have enough space for a tent. People growing plant in cramped quarters often claim a grow tent won’t fit in their room. Many of these cultivators imagine indoor grow tents would be an encumbrance on their small-scale grow operations. Some growers have also raised concerns over whether weed grow tents could handle their lights, filters, and fans.

  • Increase Light Efficiency?

Lastly, it’s common for new cultivators to be skeptical over just how much value tents could add to their ganja gardening. These critics often ask whether tents make a discernible difference in total plant yield. Some people have also questioned just how light-proof and smell-proof weed grow tents could be.



Weed Grow Tents Are A Necessity For Indoor Cultivation!

It’s understandable for new cultivators to question the many claims made about indoor grow tents. However, it’s crucial to recognize that the grow tents of today are more durable and easier to assemble than those of the past.

  • Multiple Size Design

As more people get curious about growing legal plants, companies design tents with weed in mind. You should have no issues finding a tent that fits even the tiniest of closets and handles the heaviest of lights.

  • Manage Your Grow Environment

Unquestionably, the most significant benefit of using an indoor grow tent is control. Well-threaded tents will help you adjust your grow space’s temperature, CO2 levels, and humidity with precision. Not only will these factors produce healthier plants, they will allow you to grow plant year-round rather than obstructed by seasons and weathers.

  • Increased Light Intensity

Weed grow tents also have an interior reflective coating to maximize the intensity of your LED grow light – up to 25%! Nearly no light is supposed to leak out of the grow tent, which means more light and more food fed to plants. As a result, more yields are promised.

  • Keep Pests out and odor inside

But it’s not just about controlling the interior environment that makes a grow tent valuable. Indeed, indoor grow tents are also great at keeping pests, mold, and pet hairs out of your grow space. Weed grow tents also significantly reduce the amount of light and odor that leaks out into your home. So, if you’re extra concerned about discretion, a grow tent is a must.

Grow Tents Are Always Worth It…If You’ve Got The Right Brand!

Of course, you won’t experience the full benefits of a grow tent if you purchase an inferior product. Just like shopping for LED grow lights, it’s essential to work with a brand that has a proven track record of producing superior indoor grow tents. Spider Farmer is proud to offer a line of professional weed grow tents at attractive prices. Even if you’re on a budget, you’ll be surprised at the quality of our cheap grow tents.




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5 thoughts on “Are Grow Tents Worth It?

  1. David Johnson says:

    This is probably a dumb question but I’m new. I have a 5×5 grow tent and I’ll only be growing 1 or 2 plants for awhile, can the SE7000 be turned down to 300 watts as a SE-3000?

    Thank you

    1. Hi, yes SE7000 can dim down to 300 watts. 🙂

  2. Robert Kelsey says:

    At what height should my spider farmer 2000 be kept above my feminized plants? I’m getting what looks like burn on the older leaves. Not the Tippedy top of the plant but most of the older leaves? If I dial it back with a dimmer is the plant still getting all the different light frequencies? I am currently at about 30 inches Above the plant. It’s just the old original large shade leaves that look like they are burning on the tips

  3. brogandudding says:

    Grow tents are totally worth it. The environmental control is the best

  4. Walter McClain says:

    Great read, good info. I appreciate yall taking the time. I’m interested in the over sized 55x24x80

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